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Easiest Tips To Verify Your Site With Google Search Console

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This article teaches how to connect or verify your website with Google following simple tips.

Step one:

Get your Meta Tag from google search console by using this method;

[a] At google search console, click start now.

[b] Select the URL prefix property type and enter your full URL example, https//www.example.com

[c] Click “continue”

[d] Click the expand ‘v’ icon next to HTML tag

[e] Copy the meta tag code

[f] Leave the search console open (make sure you are verifying the full site URL including the https)

Step Two:

Add your meta tag to your Wix site using the site verification tool by following the tips below:

[a] In the new tab, go to Search Engine Optimization [SEO] in your site’s dashboard.

[b] Select ‘Go to site verification’ under Tools and settings.

[c] Click on search console to expand.

[d] Enter the Meta tag.

[e] Click Save.

Step Three:

Complete the site verification on google search console. This is the final stage. It involves the use of Google Search Console to verify the Meta Tag that you added in Step One by following these tips:

[a] Go back to Google Search Console.

[b] Click verify.

Congratulations, you have verified your site.

However, if are experiencing issues verifying your site with google search console, Troubleshoot by using the steps below:

[a] Check your Email address if there is any mistake.

[b] Reconnect your site to Google Console.

[c] Ensure the site is published.

[d] Make sure that Search Engine can index your site.

[e] Make sure your home page is not password protected.

[f] Check your Google Console account properties.

[g] Clear your browser cache and cookies.

[h] If the problem persist, contact Search Console here and provide them with information to add to your support ticket.

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