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Citizens Urge Nigerian Government To Emulate Sierra Leone To Ban Child Marriage

Many citizens of Nigeria has urged the federal government to emulate Sierra Leone to ban child marriage in the country. It should be noted that Sierra Leone’s parliament just approved a new law which bans child marriage. The new law stipulates that marrying girls under eighteen years of age is …

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This Poisonous Fish Can Kill Instantly Plus Why You Should Avoid Dried Sliced Fish

Poisonous fish

Those responsible for my parent's deaths should be held accountable under the law. And I hope the authorities will speed up investigations. I also hope the Malaysian government will beef up enforcement and help to raise public awareness on Puffer Fish poisoning to prevent such incident from occurring again. She concluded.

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Actual Fact About Renee Parsons Who Picked Money On The Ground In USA And Became Paralyzed

Renee Parsons

This happened on Sunday, July 10th, 2022 at 4:30 PM. Do NOT pick up ANYTHING off the ground. I would not typically share a personal story like this on FB, but I am still in disbelief that it happened to me. Driving through Nashville, TN we needed to make a quick stop to use the bathroom. We stopped at McDonald’s and while I stand with my 3 month old baby, and wait for my husband so I could go to the

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