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Alligator pepper
A matured alligator pepper is pepper red in color when ripen. But turns brown in store. The unripe and tender ones are green and not fit for use.

How To Use Alligator Pepper To Protect Yourself And Remove Negative Energy

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Alligator pepper is the seed of aframomum melegueta that is used in many cultures in Nigeria as well as in West Africa for religious rite, medication, food, flavor and cultural practices.

A matured alligator pepper is pepper red in color when ripen. But turns brown in store. The unripe and tender ones are green and not fit for use.

Fresh matured alligator pepper in the farm

The Alligator pepper is a hot spice which fits itself in different applications. It is used as food flavor as well as to catalyze the healing process of some traditional medicines. Alligator pepper is commonly eaten together with Kola nut and Bitter Kola. It helps to remove the bitter taste of Bitter kola.

However, because alligator pepper is hot, it kills the sensation of taste bud in the mouth so that Bitter kola loses its bitterness or at least reduce its bitterness while being chewed.

Harvested and dried alligator pepper in store.

However, some known applications of the Alligator pepper are cure of Arthritis, boil, pimples, and any inflammatory disease.

Alligator pepper is also known as Mbongo spice, Hepper pepper or Grain of Paradise. But in the three Nigerian ethnic cultures, it is known with different names.

While the Igbos call it Ose Oji, the Yorubas call it Ataare and in Hausa its called the Chilla. But generally, it is called the Grain of Paradise.

Dried and ready to use alligator pepper with the enclosed seed case in view.

The Alligator pepper specially enjoy a reputation throughout the ages as aphrodisiacs and they have always been included in recipes for improving potency.


The ritual of seduction almost always includes a romantic meal enhanced with healthy exotic aromas of spices. In Africa, an almost forgotten spice with a long track record as an aphrodisiac is Aframomum melegueta (Alligator pepper), commonly called Grains of Paradise.

Seeds of the alligator pepper.

Alligator Pepper is a spice worth a couple minutes’ meditation. Smell a small handful and you would be hit by an intense woody, almost forest-like aroma.

Pop one seed in your mouth and bite down. There is an initial burst of inviting, pepper warmth, full but in no way harsh.

Aframomum melegueta however, is so much more than a simple condiment and really can spice up your love life.

In Cameroon and Nigeria, researchers, discovered that a water based extract of grains of paradise significantly increased male hormonal function. The seeds are also used to promote libido rejuvenation in men entering the male menopause. (If you forget the Harley, take up cooking with Aframomum).

Again, the fresh fruit is also used to arouse stimulation and sensation in males and females. The author of “Spicy Healing” Uwe Blesching, recommends 250mg to 1gm of the seeds an hour before copulation or a range of 2.5 mg/kg – 10mg/kg twice a day to achieve results.

The aframomum family consists of dozens of subspecies. And aframomum stipulatum has been noted to especially improve penile rigidity and endurance.

Alligator Pepper seed has many spiritual and medicinal benefits in the human being.

Religious Uses:

Pray with alligator pepper and bitter kola and splash it off. If you see strange things in front of your house, any negative energy associated with it will go back to the sender with the right use of the alligator pepper.

Furthermore, if someone has wronged you so badly and you want to do something about it, make sure your hands are clean. Now, take the alligator pepper and kola nut early in the morning, face the sun, speak your mind. Then throw them out, your petition is submitted.

Again, if you sleep with someone you do not like or you do not know too well and you are concerned about how his or her spiritual status might affect you, take four or seven seeds of Alligator pepper, swing it over your head with left hand in an anticlockwise direction, say your desired prayers, after that, throw it off.

However, if you are not sure or confident about the journey you are embarking on, take seven seeds of alligator pepper and put in your pocket. Once you are back, throw the seeds away.

Moreso, if you always have bad dreams or spiritual attack, take 4 seeds of Alligator pepper and drop at the four edges of your house.

Also, take seven or four seeds, chew them. But do not swallow them, declare good things upon yourself and spill it out of your mouth. And if you notice that your business is under spiritual attack or arrest, do the same.

When negative forces are after you, grind alligator seeds with ogirisi leaf, pour original palm kernel oil in a container, mix together and hang it on top of your house.

To Cure Fibroid And Heamorrhoid:

A special blend of castor oil plant (Ricinus communis), alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta), coconut (Cocos nucifera) and West African black pepper (Xylopia aethiopica, uda in Ibo ) has been validated by local researchers to shrink and eliminate fibroids.

The main problem of herbal medicines for fibroids had been the mode of preparation. These remedies are there and they are working. If you take a bunch of coconut and blend it with Alligator pepper and add any dry gin, it will suppress the fibroid growth and Heamorrhoid.

You have to blend them in a clay pot to be sure that no impurities or dirty get into it. Moreover, some of the seeds would be soaked in a dry gin.

Nevertheless, because of health, social and religious believes, some people who do not take alcoholic dry gin always put them in ordinary water. But with ordinary water, it will not work or yield best result. It must be used according to the way in which it has been shown to work. Remember, if you follow required process, you arrive at desired result.

For Cancer Prevention:

The alligator pepper and the black pepper are known remedies for prevention of certain forms of cancer according to locals in Igbo speaking region of Nigeria, West Africa.

(Note that the alligator pepper and west African black pepper should not be used in much quantity).

About eight seeds of alligator pepper and two seeds of West African black pepper are enough. Grind them together. Then take two teaspoons twice daily. Early morning and last thing in the night. While using them, stay away from foods that are not natural especially genetically modified foods to avoid interference.

This seed of alligator in your hand is like a Messiah.
It has all natural mandate to save you from all negative energy at any point in time. To get the seed for healing, you have to break it open in a special way.

How To Open Alligator Pepper For Religious Purposes:

Alligator pepper is not broken right at the front but must be taken to the back with one hand. Then say what you want the alligator pepper to do for you, then use the two hands to break it. It cannot be broken with only five fingers. Therefore, apply your second hand. You may use your finger nail to open a bit from its side. Make sure you can touch the seeds. Once you can touch the seeds, you have opened it. Then, bring it to your front. Pour the seeds into a dry container for use.
[Note that you must be without footwear throughout the opening process].

If you look closely, you will observe some little numerous seeds inside like grain seed brownish in color. That is what we are talking about. The seed are pepper hot when you chew it.

The local African scent leaf

Now collect a seed, hold it tightly with your two finger tips (between your thumb finger and ring finger). If it falls, be sure not to pick it up again. Leave it and pick another seed. Never pick up falling seed of Alligator anytime any day.

Now, you are going to cleanse all over your body from toe up to your head. You may choose to draw it in your body as you move or point it moving your hands. Whichever way is acceptable to you. As you do this, keep praying for goodness to ward off evil and negative energy.

Pray for long life, prosperity, riches and love, whatever is your good wishes. Anything that you would like to wish yourself and your future. Course whosoever course you. As you do this, remembered to touch all over your body using the seed but be careful not to change it from hands to hands. If you have started with left hand, finish with same left hand.
And it had started with right hand, finish it with right hand. Do not change from hand to hand as you are in the process. It will not yield positive results.

Now, to throw it away, turn it three times round about your head. After the third round, throw it away at any direction.
But be careful not to throw away the alligator where a woman has to pass across it.

However, to move the alligator pepper around the head, start from face region, move your hand towards your left ear direction. Then move towards your back and move to your right ear. You have to do this in clockwise direction for three times and throw it away at the third round.

Watch this video.

Benefits of the alligator pepper.
Video credit: Harbsandlife

Then, pick another seed and repeat same practice. You can also pray using three seeds or seven seeds every time you wish to do so.

There is no specific time for this prayer practice. You may choose to do it often. As many times as possible in a day. The more the practice the more the effects.

That is all for body cleansing which is recommended after copulation with unfamiliar person. It is very essential. Do it anytime you make love to your girl friend, wife or anything woman to retain your spiritual position.

Whenever you have a handshake with someone and your spirits ask you to do something about it. First apply alligator pepper the same way.

Nevertheless, there are chemically grown alligator pepper and naturally grown alligator pepper. Whenever you want to buy alligator pepper, never buy those big ones, buy the tiny and small ones. They can do wonders than and are the main and naturally grown ones

The chemically grown alligator pepper never offer desired results. And as a matter of fact, it is not recognize and use in any form of cultural practice. Therefore, go for the small but mighty ones. This is how it works in the spirits.

In African tradition, there is a saying that the Alligator pepper does not embark on a shameful journey. Therefore once you use it in a right way, you must get the right result.

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