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Tips for a happy life
follow these tips to live a happy life

Avoid These Things If You Want To Live A Happy Life

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Often times, a good number of people are relentlessly looking for how to live a happy life.

Many have believed that happy living lies in wealth and riches. Only to be very unhappy when they are rich and wealthy.

Up till today, many people think that having a lot of money gives maximum happiness. Unfortunately, statistics has shown that rich people are never happier than poor people.

Today, experts have come out with simple habits that guarantees maximum happiness.

Below are some attitudes to adopt in order to remain happy.

1: Do Not Dwell On Your Past

Dwelling on the past brings a lot of unhappiness to everyone. All human beings have a past. Going about remembering a dead relative, a broken relationship, a lost opportunity, an ill treatment from people, an unfulfilled dream etc. will never keep one happy. But will amount to total sadness.

Never dwell on your past but strive to make the best of the moment you are. No matter how deeply you think of your past, it will never lead you to put it right.


2: Stop Complaining:

Complaining is very similar to dwelling in the past but the difference lies in the fact that people complain about the past, present and future.

However, complaining can never keep you happy but will only make you sad and unhappy. Stop spending your energy in complaining. You will only upset yourself. Rather instead of complaining about a situation, use that energy to remedy that situation.

If it is a situation you cannot do anything to better, leave it. Perhaps, time will take care of that.

Tips for a happy life
live a life that conforms with your conscience, religion and culture. Whoever will approve you will approve you, and whoever will never approve you will never approve you no matter how hard you try to please them.

3: Blaming Others In Situations:

Some people likes blaming others for a misfortune. But this habit is responsible for greater percentage of unhappiness in people.

Blaming others often times lead to fight and unconducive atmosphere for happiness. Remember that “what will be will be”. No matter how we twist this scientifically, there are things that must happen irrespective of our efforts.

4: Seeking For People’s Approval:

This is the worst thing anybody who wants to live a happy life will do. Never expect anyone to accept you. Or indulge in attitudes that suggest you want people to approve you. Otherwise, you will end up disappointed and unhappy.

Rather, live a life that conforms with your conscience, religion and culture. Whoever will approve you will approve you, and whoever will never approve you will never approve you no matter how hard you try to please them.

5: Do Not Try To Always Be Right:

Many people have put themselves in unhappy states while trying to remain right always. Perfectionism always creates a lot of problems.

It is absolutely normal to be wrong sometimes. None is above mistake. Never take it tragically when you are trying to be right but ended up to be wrong. We learn from our mistakes.

6: Adapt To Change:

If you want to live a happy life, always have it in mind that change is constant and can come any time. Be ready to adapt to change.

A very rich person today can become very poor tomorrow owing to situations like robbery, arson, health challenges, etc.

Always adapt to any form of change with positive attitude.

7: Avoid Negative Self Talk:

Talking negatively to yourself always push you to the negative direction and attitude. When you tell yourself negative things, your whole attitude, instinct, thinking, etc. move towards the negative angle. And all your actions will be negative.

This will keep you very sad and unhappy. Avoid it.

8: Stop Trying To Impress Others:

Nobody has been happy by living to impress others. When you live to impress others, you will end up living a life that totally deprive you of your personal needs.

Take for example, you are feeling unhealthy and you have money only enough to undergo a medical check up, but in other to impress a friend who asked you to buy pizza for him, you spend the money on the pizza. Not long afterwards, you develop a health crises, how happy will you be?

9: Limiting Beliefs:

Limiting beliefs account for self doubts, fears, etc. When you do not belief in yourself, you hardly achieve any goal. And will remain unhappy afterwards.

10: Always Move To Areas Of Interest: Try as much as possible to for to your areas of interest sometimes. You can go to a cinema, gym, playing tennis or hockey with friends etc.

11: Make It A Habit To Check Your Health.

Always go for check up on your health. This will give you a happy life.

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