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How South Carolina Man Spread HIV Intentionally

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A South Carolina man, Jason Roger pope has confessed to sleeping with 693 black women. And purposely infected them with HIV disease so that they will spread it to other men.

Moreover, Jason Roger Pope, 42, a South Carolina DJ was first arrested in August 2019. The charges against him were human trafficking, kidnapping young women and purposely spreading HIV to over 693 women.

According to WMBF, Jason was arrested for many count charges. Ranging from trafficking, first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Others are: second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor, promoting prostitution of a minor and kidnapping.

Pope is said to have forced four female minors to sleep with him for money and it is also believed to have had canal knowledge of them.


A 13-year-old girl says he also had canal knowledge of her. After which she found out that he has aids, something he failed to disclose.

He allegedly had canal contact with ‘600 black women’, and in a leaked conversation, the DJ admitted to sleeping with black women and said he wants them to go back and spread it to black men.

In several intimate photos shared online, Pope was seen posing with his several black women who fear they may now have HIV. As he claimed to have deliberately infected them with the HIV virus.

Jason Roger Pope is currently behind bars at the Florence County Detention Center. His bond has been denied on all of his charges as he spread HIV Intentionally

Jason Pope ended up facing multiple charges including human trafficking and criminal sexual conduct. MBF Investigates: Reports claim Florence DJ contacted teen girls via social media, paid them for intercourse.

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  1. This low life scum should rot in jail, but be given the opportunity to give HIV to his intended target all day every day!

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