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Nigerian Actor Zealot

Real Reason Nigerian Actor King Zealot Was Arrested And Paraded

Zealot's father is a strong Native Doctor who prepares potent charms and herbs that cure some illness for his customers. Owing to his business which is moving well, the man became rich that he can live above poverty level. Unfortunately, after the birth of the actor, King Zealot and his siblings, their mother died. This made their father to remarry after some years to a police inspector from Mbaise Imo State of Nigeria. She became their stepmother.

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Will Smith resigns from the Oscars Academy

See Why Will Smith Resigns From The Oscars Academy And Why He Needs Encouragement

It has been an established fact that taking actions in a haste has destroyed many prominent individuals. After a haste action, follows many reactions. The worst of of such reactions include self blame, regret, guilty conscience among others. These three has led a good number of individuals into ........

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otokoto ritual saga

A-Z Of 1996 Otokoto Ritual Imo State Nigeria: Eyewitness Account

On that fateful day, Ike was hawking boiled groundnuts. He strolled along, selling his groundnuts to whoever wished to buy. He walked through the street of Ajuruchi Crescent and was heading towards the Late Loveday Ememe Hospital at the end of the street.

He was obviously heading to the hospital to sell to familiar customers when someone near the bank of the Nworie River right adjacent to the hospital drew his attention to sell to him. Ike immediately diverted towards the river.

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