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12 Simple Steps To Increase Organic Traffic To Website

This article teaches how to increase organic traffic to your website by following simple methods.

We all know that to earn in blogging, increased traffic is needed.

It is therefore important to use all legal avenues to draw traffic to your website.

Traffic simply means visitors who interact with your blog. Interacting here means these visitors are coming to your website to read what you wrote or get needed information from your blog.

There are two types of traffics. Organic and Inorganic traffics.

Organic traffic means human beings coming to take information from your blog. While Inorganic traffic means non human beings coming to your blog.

Examples of Inorganic traffic are Robots, crawlers etc that are mostly used by google or hosting companies to do one or two things.

This article is centered on getting Organic traffic and increasing your CPC which is the bedrock of your financial growth.

Below are 12 ways to increase organic traffic to your website:

  1. Stop targeting countries that will give you currency deficiency. All those countries that have low rate of currency exchange should be your secondary target. However, focus or target tier one countries with higher currency values.
  2. Analyze your site and fix every error. Here, site optimization is necessary.
  3. Check your contents. Content optimization should be carefully done. Arti les should be thoroughly checked and updated.
  4. Work more on your Search Engine Optimization [SEO].
  5. Build healthy links and remove bad links.
  6. Build your own traffic sources.
  7. Get Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers of up to one million.
  8. Write your contents with SEO.
  9. Run adverts to get more traffics.
  10. Use twitter to get up to 1000 page views daily.
  11. Use Reddit to build up to 500,000 followers.
  12. Work with SEO Spreadsheet.

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