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Migrants in Tunisia
Tunisia forced African migrants to the Sahara desert

See What Happened To Migrants Tunisian Authority Drove Into Sahara Desert

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There is commotion following the inhumane act of Tunisian authority against some African migrants recently.

In a trending video shared by Al Jazeera English tagged “African migrants left to die in the desert at Tunisia-Libya border”, survived victims were seen telling their heart breaking stories. While Libyan border guards were rescuing them.

According to the victims who are mostly Africans, Tunisian authorities drove them into the Sahara desert and abandoned them with neither food nor water.

A Libyan border guard, Ali stated that the current situation at the Libyan-Tunisian border is disastrous.

A Nigerian migrant identified as Alexander said he was walking on the street of Tunisia when the Tunisian police arrested him, smashed his phone, took him to the desert, abandoned him there without food or water.

Another migrant Haytham Yahya from Sudan said he was working on daily and monthly basis at a center in Tunisia. During his working hour, Tunisian authority came to the Center, arrested him and took him into the Sahara Desert and abandoned him there.

The victims were visibly exhausted and severely dehydrated as at the time they were rescued. Some were already dead.

They were found nearly 150km west of Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

From the point of rescue, Libyan forces were seen giving them water, first aid and food. They were moved to medical facility for further care.

Moreover, the Libyan forces stated that not less than one hundred and ninety victims have been rescued within the past few weeks.

Ali said that large number of migrants pours in daily and their numbers are increasing more and more. And with temperatures rising to as much as 49 degrees Celsius.


Ali further said Libya repatriates illegal migrants back to their countries of origin while women and children were handed over to the International Organization for Migration.

It should be noted that about 1,200 Black Africans have been forcefully expelled from Tunisia since July 2023. This is as a result of racial tension over the killing of a Tunisian man.

According to information, the Tunisian man was killed during a clash between locals and sub-Saharan Africans.

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