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Hassana and Huseina

Since the beginning of life, Nigerians have been one of the rare species of human beings.  Nigerians  break odds in many aspects of life.

An average Nigerian citizen is industrious, creative,  innovative, skilled, rare achiever  and always eager to learn and achieve feat.

This has been the very reason why a good number of Nigerians when exposed to the same  learning environment and conditions perform better. The perform  with rare achievements  than those from other countries irrespective of continent.

Take for example, the first female Canadian twin pilots, Hassana and Huseina Edil Ogali. Their achievement in the world today has sent shock to the nerves of other countries and races.

Becoming  a female pilot has been a huge challenge on it’s own. However,  the  two sisters who are  twins are determined to break rare barrier. This  is something that calls for attention.

Hassana and Huseina Edil Ogali are Nigerian twin sisters from the Igala tribe. They are the first world  twin pilots who have shook the world with this rare achievement. 

Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye, is a  Nigerian Physician and a  graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife. Recently, Dr. Oluyinka  became another world rare achiever when he broke  every odd and performed  a rare surgery.

Dr. Olutoye brought out  a 23 weeks old foetus with a tumour  from the  pregnant mother’s womb. He surgically removed the tumour, returned the foetus to the womb.

Most importantly, the baby was delivered safely, naturally  and healthy at 36 weeks. Above all,  the baby is still alive and healthy without any trace of tumour till date.

Nigerian achiever number three is  Mr. Damian Anyanwu, a Nigerian man of Igbo tribe from Mbaise Imo State. Damian Anyanwu  made another rare achievement  in the early eighties.  Mr. Anyanwu built a radio station at Ahiara Ahiazu Mbaise  from simple wire.  The radio station was of international standards.

In 1947,  another Nigerian rare achiever,  professor  Chike Obi emerged. Professor Chike  Obi is from Anambra state of Nigeria. He  broke barrier in Mathematics among international intellectuals. Since then,  he has been referred to as “Chike Obi the mathematician”.

Dr Philips Emeagwali, a Nigerian from Anambra State was a world renowned computer wizard.  He contributed to the discovery of modern day computer.

Another world  rare achiever was Nigerian Samuel Okoye.  Okoye is the  first African PHD  in Radio Astronomy.


Chinwe Chukwuogor is another rare achiever.Chukwuogor  was the first black to make a painted portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

Late Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu of Nigeria  was the first African  millionaire. Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu was the father of the late Biafran war lord,  Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Pius Okigbo was a world renowned Economist.  Okigbo was from the Igbo tribe of  Nigeria. 

Another rare achiever was Nigerian  Colonel Ifeajuna who won the first Common Wealth Sports  medal. Ifeajuna also was of Igbo tribe.

The same Nigerian rare spirit of accomplishment and achievement was what made Dick Tiger  Ihetu  a world class boxer. 

Above all,  Chief Mike Okpara  (Power  Mike), was a world super power. Power Mike was also a rare specie who broke records in sports.

Emeka Anyaoku from Obosi Anambra State of Nigeria  is also a rare specie. Anyaoku  was once a Secretary General of Common Wealth. He performed excellently when he was Secretary General of  Common Wealth. 

There are still many Nigerians who  have attained world famous achievements. This made it  quite  difficult task to put all their names in print.

In conclusion, if a Nigerian is given an arrow,  moving the whole world will be a matter of second.

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