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Self driving car in Nigeria

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Hilarious moment Nigerians spotted a self-driving car for the first time and mobbed it (Video)

Hilarious moment

Virtually everyone who spotted the self-driving vehicle in Lagos thought it to be surreal…

…some say it was a magic trick, some took it to the spiritual realm as they felt it was a spirit driving it as someone was heard in the video clip which was shared, saying “Na spirit dey inside“.

There certainly were mixed reactions when some Nigerians spotted a self-driving car in Lagos for the very first time…


… as seen in the video shared, some couldn’t help peeping through the car window to see whether or not someone was indeed driving the car.

hilarious moment

Well, this is one of the technological advancements the country has been having in the last few years… watch the video below:

Source – Yabaleftonline

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