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How Do I Start And Achieve My Weight Loss (One Month Journey) Part 1a

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Welcome to the Precious Corner ❤️. Today having discussed in details the preliminary start up techniques in the previous post ” How Do I Start And Achieve My Weight Loss (One Month Journey) Part 1“, we have not much to deliberate or say here.

However, if you are seeing this post for the first time, it does not matter when see it. Simply go to the part 1 article here. Mark it as your day one and start. Then follow up with the next day article. The part one article contains the work out program for Tuesday September 7th 2021. That was our day one.

This article and work out program is for Wednesday, 8th September 2021. We give out the articles ahead of time to enable you get adequate preparation.

Yes you might be having cramps and pains from the previous work out. This is very normal. Let it not prevent you from continuing your journey. Remember the common slogan “No Pain, No Gain”.


If you had done the video exercise very well, you will be experiencing heavy cramps at the legs and thighs by now. This means that you actually did it well. Those excess fat at the painful areas are burning off. And the result is going to be a fine tuned legs and hips. You will love your body soon.

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Let’s start:

As our normal routine, any exercise or work out without good warm up will end up doing more harm than good. Therefore, before you embark on any work out every day, do at least 10 minutes warm up. 30 minutes is okay, but due to the fact that some people do not have enough time, we advice at least 10 minutes warm up.

✔️ If you are living in an area that you can run along the road or in a field, just go out and run like four poles. You have the option to run or work fast. But let the whole process take only 3 minutes.

However, if your Area is not such that you can run outside, simply pick your skipping rope and skip 300 strokes. Let the whole process be 3 to 7 minutes.

( If you are in the gym, run for 3 minutes on the threadmill. If you will spend up to 2 hours at the gym, use the threadmill for 30 minutes. Alternating running and walking. Then 100 strokes with skipping rope ).

✔️ Set a motor Tyre. Use it to do jumping jacks in the manner below:

Put your right leg on the tire and bring it down. Do same with left leg. You need to do it with speed as if you are jumping up and down on the Tyre. You have to do it 100 times. And within 3 minutes.

See illustration here.

My weight loss journey doing jumping jacks with team mates at the gym.

✔️ Next, pick your two sand filled rubber bottles. Raise each towards your armpit, bending to the left as you raise your right arm. And bending towards the right as you raise your left arm. You will do this 60 times at an interval of 20 at a go. Then 10 seconds rest between intervals.

See illustration below

My weight loss journey. This is one of my first days in the gym. My body was not as flexible as today. Here,. I was weighing 93kg.

✔️ Our next program today is as follows:

Place a medium car Tyre on the ground, pick a second car Tyre and place on the first to raise it to a height about that of the sitting room side stool.

Next, take your light football and raise up with two hand while standing and bring it down while sitting. You will do this 60 times at an interval of 20 and 10 seconds rest between intervals. The whole process should not take more than 3 minutes.

See illustration below.

My rubber football helps me to achieve excellence during my weight loss journey.

✔️ After this, take your mat and lie down any position that you deem comfortable. If you are sweating, use that sweat as a lubricant to massage your face generally while lying on the mat. Stay up to 3 minutes while massaging and resting. Breathing in heavily and breathing out gently.


✔️ Massaging your face or body while sweating immediately after work out disperses wrinkles and help to melt fat around the massaged areas. I always massage my face, neck region, chin bones etc. That was how big lost my 3 steps jaw and puffy cheeks ?. Funny right ?. Do it and you will like the result.

✔️ If you are observant, you will notice that most of our programs today are done while standing. Yes, yesterday, we worked on our abdominal muscles and Back muscles.

Today, we are working on our leg and hip muscles.

As time goes on, we will program our work out into a particular area per day.

✔️ Please be mindful of what you are eating today. Remember that your shape depends on what you do in the Gym while your weight depends on what you do in the kitchen.

But within the week, I am going to drop a menu plan. You can still search for menu plans and pick what you eat before then.

To be continued ?

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