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How Do I Start And Achieve My Weight Loss (One Month Journey) Part 1

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Many people have been struggling to loose weight and stay fit. As a guest writer to this website, I will be dropping articles on weight loss program.

I see some people crashing their diet, drinking anything that they see as weight loss remedy.

A lot of people are taking different measures to loose weight

A lot of people are taking different measures to loose weight. Yet they have not achieved same.

Some go as far as performing surgery to look cute.

I don’t blame anyone with all these moves. But performing surgery is the worst thing you can do to your body.
Accept it or leave it, you may be in your twenties, thirties or forties. But as soon as you reach 55 to 60, even  you will remember that your lean liberty is better than your fat slavery.

And God save you if you don’t develop any health challenge before that time.

Anyway, my concern today is about people that are crashing diet, doing one thing or the other to shed excess weight.
See, you are not alone in this. I was once like you until I got deliverance ??

Now ask yourself these two questions and try as much as possible to answer them truthfully ??

♥️If I reach my goal, will I stop crashing diet ?

? Do I need my new Weight for life or for a while ?

Now, I don’t know about you, but my own answers are:

? If I reach my goal I will not crash my  diet.
♦️I need my new Weight throughout life.

You see, from my first answer, if I reach my goal and stopped crashing my diet, I will simply gain back my weight and add more. Probably start all over ?
Therefore in the journey of weight Loss and fitness, NEVER CRASH YOUR DIET.

From the second answer, I need to carry and maintain my new weight and shape throughout life. Therefore, I must choose a weight loss program that will fit my lifestyle and health.?

So if your answer is as good as mine, this article will benefit you a lot.


♣️Choose your goal: What is your current weight and height. What weight are you expected to have in view of your height.

♠️Choose Your meal: What type of food do you eat? Which food does your body tolerate? Which food is available in your locality?   Which food can you afford? How is your budget.

Not because you see your friend eating fresh fish, you automatically go for fresh fish when you know that such move will affect your budget negatively. Meanwhile, there are other available foods that have same or more nutritional value as that fresh fish which you can comfortably afford.

? Choose Your program (Exercise).
This is very important.
A woman with fresh CS delivery will only endanger her health by involving in vigorous tommy press up simply because her friend is doing it or she wants flat tommy.
Someone with knee injury cannot involve in vigorous squatting because she needs firm buttocks.

No. There are other Exercises that will not give you negative  health pressure  but will still give you same results.

Therefore, you need to choose your goal, choose your meal and choose your program.

Your goal must be how many kilograms you need to shed. As I said earlier, your ideal weight depends on your height and weight.

your ideal weight depends on your height and weight.

Now how do we start?

I know that in our society today, the major problem or area of concern in keeping fit is our bulging tommy. And in some cases, big upper hands. Especially in women.

I hear many people saying that the only area they need to loose fat is their tommy, or upper hands, or buttocks, or chest etc. No, weight loss journey doesn’t work like that. Even though you have target, there must be general slimming.

Nature made the human body in such a way that every part is interconnected to the other. As you are undergoing weight loss program, the necessary areas that need to be touched will be naturally touched and the end result is a beautiful you.

Let Us Start ?

Before you start, check your current weight and write it down in this format.

Date: September 7th 2021.

Weight: 90kg (make sure you use your current weight).

Items needed:

➖ Trainers canvas

➖ A pair of stockings

➖ sports wears

➖ Skipping Rope

➖ A mat or any fabric to serve as mat

➖ 2 big bottle water containers filled with wet sand

➖ 2 or 3 condemned motor Tyres

➖ A very light rubber football

➖ Small Flask

➖ Your time keeper

➖ 10 sizeable small Stones

Note: If you can afford registration in a gym house, you don’t need most of the items above. All you need here are: small flask, trainers shoe, socks and your sports wears.

Please if you are following my instructions, do not put on any girdle, or waist trainer, or tommy belt or whatever you call it. After our gym session, you can put it on at your own time. Maybe while going out to work or wherever.

But my primary aim of sharing this weight loss article is to help you achieve good health and longevity within the human power. So anything that will interfere with your sound health is a no no.

Our session will last 45 minutes daily. But if you have enough time, please make out one hour daily. I like working out in the morning. Some people work out in the he evening, but morning is the best according to experts.

Set your time to alert you by 6am daily excluding Sundays. But if you need to add Sundays, you can go ahead. But make sure you set one day in a week for relaxation of muscles.

? Tuesday 7th September 2021

As you are doing your program, fill your small water Flask with luke warm water. Sip at intervals.

✔️If you are living in an area that you can run along the road or in a field, just go out and run like four poles. You have the option to run or work fast. But let the whole process take only 3 minutes.

However, if your Area is not such that you can run outside, simply pick your skipping rope and skip 200 strokes. Let the whole process be 3 to 7 minutes.

( If you are in the gym, run for 3 minutes on the threadmill. If you will spend up to 2 hours at the gym, use the threadmill for 30 minutes. Alternating running and walking. Then 100 strokes with skipping rope )

✔️ Pick the small Stones and drop them at the next end. After which you return them as illustrated in the video below. This should take only 3 minutes. Watch how the legs are bent to pick up and drop down the items.

Pick the small Stones and drop them at the next end.

Watch how the legs are bent to pick up and drop down the items.

✔️ At a comfortable corner, Lie down on the mat or whatever you have as mat. Take the light ball and throw again the wall as illustrated below. You must do this 50 times and within 4 minutes.

✔️ Still lying on the mat, put your hands on the back of your head. Raise your two legs and do as if you are riding bikes in the air. The two legs give one. Count up to 50 and let it be under 4 minutes.

✔️Stand up, take the sand filled cans at your two hands raising them to your chest. You raise the right hand 10 times and left 10 times by 3 times. Making a total of 60. This should take like 4 minutes.

✔️ position the motor Tyres in two ends, run to the first bend and try to lift it, then leave it to fall. Then run back to the other one and do the same. Do this 20 times and within four minutes.

✔️ If you are sweating, use that sweat as a lubricant to massage your face generally while lying on the mat. Stay up to 3 minutes while massaging and resting. Breathing in heavily and breathing out gently.

Congratulations, your program is successfully completed for today.

Next today is your menu. Check our menu list for your daily menu. Also, let us know what you have available as your menu to enable us tell you how to use it.

To be continued tomorrow?

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