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An Imo State Human Right Activist, Comrade Ambrose Nwogwugwu has descended heavily on Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu.

Ambassador Ogbuagu is the a legislator at the Imo State House of Assembly Owerri.

Comrade Nwogwugwu who is no longer comfortable with the abrupt negative changes in the attitude of Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu towards the Imolites vomited venom on him.

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It should be recalled that Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu has been known to be the voice of the voiceless in Imo State. And has never failed to lash any government in Imo who has gone against the poor masses.

But recently, following Ogbuagu’s abrupt decamping from former governor Emeka Ihedioha’s tent to the camp of governor Hope Uzodimma few days after Ihedioha lost in supreme court. The once voice of the voiceless Uche Ogbuagu has become voiceless.

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Although many Imo citizens have not been happy with how ambassador Ogbuagu had turned deaf to the cry of the poor, none has been bold to throw it in the ambassador as Comrade Ambrose Nwogwugwu.

Nwogwugwu has decried the recent attitude of the legislator and openly condemned it.

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Below is an open letter of Comrade Ambrose Nwogwugwu to Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu.

UCHE OGBUAGU! What Happened? Has The gods Decided To Make You Mad?

By: Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.

I am writing this short piece with a heavy heart.
A heavy mournful heart akin to a heart mourning the death of a dear one. Although, I am not mourning the death of anyone but what I’m mourning is a dearth of once an activist.

Only a short while a ago, specifically, when you celebrated your birthday (last year), I did write so glowingly about your success stories.

As an uncompromising bearer of the truths: I wrote that, yours was a definition of an uncompromising activist.

I grew up in my ancestral land of Aboh Mbaise listening to your series on ‘Bad condition’ which was your comical satire series but ladened with “unmatched activism never seen before.”

Your bad condition series practically became the standard at the time and ordinary people commonly identified with you as you became the official mouthpiece of the ordinary people and we were in the unending longing to its latest edition.

You were beyond a humour merchant, you were an activist who identified with the hardships and suffering of the commoners. You spoke our minds on any issue that is affecting the people with your platforms.

I have, painfully gone down through the memory lane to recall your conscience back to what you used to be, maybe, you may have forgotten where you came from?

Here was an activist who stood against the oppression of the common man but nowadays, it seems like you have fallen from the grace.

Ever since you joined the ranks of the broom waving demons; you have sold your conscience to the devil, you now watch in unbridled glam as senior citizens of our dear state being flogged in the front of the gate of the government house which was supposed to be the ‘The People’s house’, and you are silent.

Like Napoleon, you did tell us TWO LEGS BAD, FOUR LEGS GOOD but right now, you are telling us that your compatriots who have been with you in demon chasing hunting spree, that their legs now resembles that of the demon whom we have been pursuing all along.

When we were in the trenches, you fought oppression with us but today, you have not only joined the ranks of oppressors but you have become an active oppressor who now oppresses the common man wielding naked and overflowing power. How time flies!

Can you cast your mind back a little?

Can you go listen to the series of your activistic bad condition series?

Will you be proud of the oppressor of the poor you have become?

Do you still have conscience in you?

Nwa Ogbuagu, What Happened?

You now go about oppressing the less privilege among you – you even went to the extent of arresting a poor worker of yours who had little disagreement with you and not just that, you also now oppresses your poor Constituents and anyone who disagrees with you, you clamp them down and send them to dungeons.

Has the gods decided to make you mad?

Because with the way things are going, it seems like you are no longer your true self and there is an interference of a foreign hand in the new you. This can not be you. Or are you not molded for greatness? It seems like your chi is a chi of limitations because each and every new day, you are sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of eternal destruction and sanctioned to the wrong sides of history. The sages were right when they said that no matter how many spirits plotted a man’s death it would not come to pass unless his chi consented to it, and it seems like your chi has given their consent to your fall from grace and right now, you’re dancing to their drumbeats at orie Akabo….and it is beating nda yụ nda yụ for you.

My name is Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.

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