Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi is the senator representing Nasarawa West Senatorial District. Adamu Abdullahi also the former governor of Nasarawa state.

Recently, Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi started his third term senatorial campaign. In his campaign speech, he called on Nigerians to vote President Muhammadu Buhari. Stating that it will enable president Buhari to complete his good work beyond 2019.

Senator Adamu an APC member, made the call on Saturday in Nasarawa Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

However, Abdullahi noted that APC under the President Buhari led-government has achieved a great feat so far. Therefore, the party would remain in power in Nigeria beyond 2019.

Adamu Abdullahi expressed optimism that President Buhari would win with landslide victory. And putting into considerations the support that the President is receiving from Nigerians day and night.

“I want to call on you to use your PVCs to vote for me, President Buhari. Vote also Engr. Abdullahi Sule, the Nasarawa state APC governorship candidate. And all other APC candidates during the 2019 elections.

“APC government had done a lot in impacting positively on the lives of Nigerians. Hence, the need for us to vote President Buhari for second term,” he said.

Adamu, who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Agriculture, assured his constituents and Nigerians that he would continue to defend the nation’s interest. Most importantly, if re-elected to the red chamber.

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