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The  Peoples Democratic Part PDP  candidate in the just  concluded  governorship election in Osun State, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke,  has told the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to declare him winner of the election now.
Adeleke accused INEC of working with security agents to announce the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC Gboyega Oyetola winner. Adeleke, in his speech  with newsmen in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, stated that irregularities, malpractices and constitutional breaches mared the re-run.

Adeleke stated thus ,  “This is not a free and fair election. Osun state is under siege; we are at war in Osun. They didn’t allow my party to vote. It’s only APC people they allowed to vote. INEC and security agents have compromised. So, there is no election in Osun today. I urge INEC to cancel the election with immediate effect and declare me the winner because I’ve already won the election”.

Earlier before the Osun governorship rerun, Senator Adeleke has written the European Union, United States and several Diplomatic bodies. In the  letter,  he stated thus “I am constrained to write this letter to intimate you, our diplomatic partners and friends of despotic happenings in Osun governorship polls which I won but for which I was not declared the winner. My life is under threat and leaders of my party are under siege before and after Saturday main polls.

“During the campaigns, we were subjected to countless attacks. I escaped about four assassination attempts. Our campaign vehicles were severallly attacked and our rallies disrupted. We went through the pre-election processes under constant onslaught from political thugs and merchants of violence. Despite the violence prone climate, I still won the election. On live television, our votes were removed and protestations for re-addition of the votes were rejected.

Votes for the ruling party were jerked up and again the electoral umpire refused to correct the arithmetical errors. After all the manipulations which saw about 4000 votes removed from my total votes, I still won by close to 400 votes.

In a brazen assault on democracy, the returning officer in open breach of the constitution refused to declare me the winner even after fulfilling constitutional stipulations. The officer erroneously justified declaration of the election as inconclusive based on violence in seven out of about 3000 voting units across the state. It was a travesty of justice that is under challenge in court of law.

Not satisfied with that rape of democracy, the ruling, APC immediately launched a coordinated manipulation agenda to rig the Thursday supplementary polls. Voters register of affected areas are been doctored; unclaimed voters cards are been shared out; massive vote buying are ongoing;and my supporters are been hounded. Democracy is clearly under threats.

The agenda of the ruling party is to ensure that votes do not count. The target is to thwart the will of the people. The APC is out to subvert the will of the people ,an action that will have deep negative impact on the sanctity of the electoral process ahead of 2019 polls”. Senator  Adeleke stated in the letter.

He further urged the International Community “to prevail on President Muhammad Buhari to allow votes to count by restoring my mandate”, adding “We count on you to mount pressure on the ruling party to restore people’s mandate in Osun state.

“We make this request because Osun state is the cradle of Yoruba people. Denying them their inalienable right to pick their governor is a potent threat to democratic sustainability in Nigeria. Our nascent democracy has been under intense pressure and it is not in our collective interest to deepen the national stress index.

We seek your intervention to prevent another rigging underway in Osun state. I am the holder of the sacred mandate of Osun people. We need the international community to assist Nigeria to make votes count,” he said.

The letter was sent to European Union, United States and several diplomatic bodies.

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