According to “An HIV positive man who claimed to have gotten infected with the disease after having sex with a lady he had met on Facebook is advising young people to exercise care in order to safeguard their lives”.

The Nigerian man identified as Ola O’Neil said he was misled by the fresh and sexy looking body  he saw on Facebook and went into bed with her without any due diligence.

The lack of control over his libido is what Ola O’Neil claim has put him in an irreversible situation.

He resorted to twitter to share his experience and advise others.

He said: “Please I’d like to advise all the young men out there that it’s not all the girls that look thick, healthy and fine that they should put joystick inside. I’ve learnt the hard way and I’m still trying to forgive myself for my stupidity.


“There’s this girl fine thick light skinned girl with big ass that I met on Facebook and arranged a date with, we didn’t waste too much time and in less than a week, a di*k appointment has been scheduled. We got to the hotel and paid for the room then something very unusual happened.

“While we were making out and l was trying to finger f*ck her, I felt some bumps with my finger on her vag*na, I got irritated and turned off and it made my d*ck flaccid.

“I then thought about the money I had paid at the hotel and said I couldn’t let it waste so I kept trying

“I finally succeeded after watching porn then I used a condom but she kept asking me to go in raw which I declined. I did just one round and I stood up to clean up quickly. Unknowingly to me that I had a shave bump and the pussy juice has had contact with it.

“To cut the long story short guys, I’m HIV+.

“I almost lost my mind but I’m still trying to forgive myself for my mistake and I’m advising all the

“Young men out there to please stay safe and be careful.”

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