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Governor Rochas Anayochi Okorocha of Imo State  has revealed why he shed tears and doesn’t sleep  every night because  of the 2019 general elections.
The  Governor decried  the information  that the South East region recorded the lowest turnout in ongoing voter registration exercise by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
The governor stated that the report “makes him weep every night”.
Okorocha spoke during a church service to mark the Easter Monday celebration at Okigwe Catholic diocese.
He called on Catholic Church bishops to keep sensitizing their congregation to the need  to obtain their voter cards.
The governor said, “A particular scenario makes me cry; INEC’s data shows that South-South has nine million registered voters, North-Central, 12 million registered voters, North-East, 15 million registered voters, South-West, 14 million registered voters, North-West, 18 million registered voters, while South-East has just eight million registered voters.
“This situation makes me cry. I weep every night because of this development. This means that we have lost out before the 2019 election. If care is not taken, we will make ourselves slaves.
“My lord bishop, please tell our people to register. Our bishops must encourage Igbo people to register now. I have started shouting again, the same way I shouted in 2015.
Okorocha’s comments and stance on this matter have obliterated the rumours being spread by the  enemies of the state that Owele Rochas Okorocha has been  having  issues with the Archibishop of Owerri Diocese since he told the Catholic faith to get voters card . But one can clearly see that  the Bishop and the governor are singing the same  music.
Governor Rochas Okorocha further stated that “If Yoruba people can jettison tribal politics in 2015 to ensure that the APC won, Igbo people can do the same in 2019. Today, the Yoruba people are occupying sensitive positions in the Federal Government.”
Reportngr.com learnt that many Imolites who come  out en mass  daily to get their  voters card at the Owerri Municipal end  up not having  it at the  end  of  each day.  Long queue of citizens trying to get  voters card   was seen at the Municipal on Tuesday.  One of the  people waiting for their voters card  who spoke to www.reportngr.com on condition of anonymity said that  he has been to the  municipal three times for the  same purpose but end up not getting it each day.  Hear him”I have been to this  place  to collect  my voters card three good  times.  Each day,  I end up with nothing.  Even today , I doubt the possibility.  As you can see,it is almost  12 noon . My number is 170 and they are still on  86″
The  citizens begged our repoter  to reach the  necessary body  to come  to  their  aid  by facilitating  easy registration and collection of  voters card.

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