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See The Highest Killer Of Internal Organs Especially Kidney

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Nowadays, there is a rise in killing of human beings for the harvest of their internal organs. These internal organs are usually exported to hospitals where they are transplanted into individuals that are having organ failures. The failed organs are normally  liver,heart and kidney.

This has led many religious organisations, non-governmental organisations , government , individuals etc to constantly preach against these  man injustice to man. Many youths have lost their lives to perpetrators of this crime. The highest number of victims are those youths who  normally leave their country in search of green pastures.

Often times, the killers are caught with the victims organs. But the harm had already been done as the victim will never  come back to life no matter  the level of justice given to the victim’s family.

Experts have identified the chief murderer in the center of all these killings . If attacked or bring to limelight,one would be surprised on how drastically this menace will either  stop or reduce.


This murderer is no other person  than “YOU”.  Yes You.

Man remains the architect of his problem! God gave man the highest thinking faculty,  but man refused to follow the rules and norms of healthy  living.  With the exception of few individuals whose organs damage  in the  course of  accidents and age related issues,  everyother organ problems is caused by 80% of patients.

An individual that take to alcoholism for a long period of time is on the verge of  damaging any of his organs.  He may end up with  high blood pressure which in time leads to organ damage.  You that resort to drug addiction,  what will be the future of your organs? You lady that is in the habit of  taking opium and abortion pills,  what is the future state of your organs?

The caffeine you take daily,  have you  asked your doctor the effects of it? What about that salt you consume with  every meal you take? Is it organ friendly? That sugar that you can not do with out, what is its effect on you? You that takes junk food and alcoholic drinks daily where will that lead your organs to? That  fast food you turned into your daily food, what are the contents in respect to you organ health? You that see exercise as children play .  The list is endless!

Now as the future,  you have contributed to the damage of one or two of your organs! Yes your relatives can’t let you die.  And you at the other end  as a rich man. A renowned Don. You will never  allow your damaged organ to send you to mother earth!

Yes, you must pay whatever is involved to get your organ transplanted! You enter that hospital,  discuss wit that doctor. Book an appointment for the  D day!  The doctor must provide the organ probably the  organ  of a youth.

He sent his  errand boys  who must come  back with the  organ. You get the new organ . You came  back.  You heard the news of  these manner of  killings every where. As the good man you are,you condemn the killing. But you are the  killer. You that  carelessly damaged your organ with negative meals.


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