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Many women lose a large quantity of hair during and after pregnancy. This normally results in thinning or scanty hair volume.

In many communities,  people attribute this to “plaiting or touching the pregnant woman’s hair by a witch “. Up till date, many people still believe that falling off of hair in pregnant women is caused by supernatural beings that touch the woman’s hair.

Shedding of hair during and after Pregnancy is a condition cause by one or more factors. This is refered to as Acute Telogen Effluvium.

Another  form of generalised shedding of hair with areas of hairless patch on the scalp (alopecia) characteristically occurs 3-6months following delivery of a baby.  This synchronises with the period a woman comes out from intensive mother-care of the baby in most African communities. Probably will go for a hair do. And this is most often the  time the mother notices the loss of  hair which she blames on the “witch stylist” at one of  the salon she went during pregnancy.

It is a very common form of hair loss, especially in women; which usually frightens the patient, who sees a lot of hairs on the brush when combing, in the drain after the shower or on the pillow after sleeping.

Causes may include :
?-Stimuli response leading  may cause Telogen Effluvium.

?-Physical stress due the burden of  pregnancy is another contributory   factor.

?-Illness during pregnancy which always lead to anaemia is another factor.


?-Haemorrhage or bleeding during any stage of pregnancy may lead to loss of  hair.

?-Emotional stress of  any kind  is another factor.

?-Ultraviolet radiation from exposure to the sun during pregnancy leads to Telogen Effluvium.

?- Malnutrition during pregnancy is another leading factor.

?-Recovery is spontaneous, usually within 9-12 months, and the hair loss recovers completely on it’s own  in most cases.

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