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The attention of the Imo Youths for Good Governance and Democracy (IYGD) has been drawn to a meeting of some disgruntled members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) last week at the residence of Chief Uzoma Obiyo in Ikeduru, Imo State, during which they expressed their unbridled appetite for power by scheming to grab power again at all cost in 2019. To appear like saints before Imo people, they merely expressed dismay over the goings-on in the state under Governor Okorocha and presented themselves as alternative.

Disappointingly, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu, Dr. T.O.E Ekechi, Deputy Governor Eze Madumere, Hon Uche Onyeagucha, Sir Jude Ejiogu, Dr Vitalis Orikeze Ajumbe, Barr Kingsley Ononuju, Senator Osita Izunaso, Chief Nick Opara-Ndudu, etc, are in this new evil gang.

From the reports available from the meeting, the new gang has suddenly realised that it is not a problem giving a monkey a cup of water, the problem lies in getting the cup back from the monkey. Imo people are aware that these are the same people who destroyed Imo State by forcing Rochas Okorocha down our throats. They said he was a good man and the best thing to happen to Imo State. Today, because Governor Rochas Okorocha has refused to handover power to them in 2019 or has cut short their political dreams they have ganged up against him, now telling the same stories we told years ago and they denied vehemently, calling us naysayers.

There is nothing to believe coming from these selfish and wicked politicians because they don’t have new stories to tell and they lack the integrity to tell the stories they are telling now. What they should rather be doing is to shut up or apologise to Imo people and take the back seat.

Take for example Senator Ifeanyi Araraume. He was with Governor Okorocha during the 2011 election and he said severally that he would he happy if he or Okorocha won the governorship election in 2011. He was gallivanting with him and signed a tripartite agreement with the Governor. The same Araraume was with Governor Okorocha in 2015 and campaigned for him after he lost the PDP governorship primary election. After the election Araraume benefitted immensely from the Governor, with his son eventually becoming Commissioner under Okorocha.

But because Governor Okorocha insists that Araraume will not succeed him, Araraume has now become an emergency enemy to Okorocha and an advocate for good governance. Okorocha and Araraume are not fighting because of the bad governance in the state under Rochas but because Okorocha is denying him the APC guber ticket. Even the two factories he promised to hand over to the state government in support of the Governor’s false promise of industrialization he has not fulfilled that. Araraume wants to tear down Imo State because he wants to be governor at all cost.

Hon Uche Onyeagucha is another man who believed that Governor Okorocha would hand over power to Owerri Zone and particularly to him. He has disgraced himself and has lost all honour with Imo people. After serving as a member of the Federal House of Reps for four years (2003-2007) under (APGA) and becoming governorship candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in 2007, Uche Onyeagucha lost all shame and morality and kowtowed to the Governor and became SSAs to the Governor. He became part of the Okorocha government and never believed he was doing anything bad.

In several newspaper interviews he had praised the Governor to high heavens and exonerated him of any wrongdoing. Today Onyeagucha has declared for governorship in the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and leading the pack of those further deceiving Imo people by constantly insulting Okorocha and shedding crocodile tears. He is now telling Imo people those evil he denied Okorocha ever did, and he is now releasing damning comments against him. He thinks that by telling the people what they already know about Okorocha his sins could be forgiven. By that also he has shown that he is a liar and that he can defend the oppressor provided he benefits or hopes to benefit. He is a mercantile politician.


Senator Benjamin Uwajimogu is one man that should not come close to power anymore. He deserves to be stripped naked and paraded round the market square on a market day. The rot in Imo State today started under him as the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly. He did not for one day criticise the Governor or call him to order on the floor of the House. Uwajimogu’s House of Assembly approved the over N132bn for the school buildings that have remained uncompleted, not to mention the failed hospitals project.

While Uwajimogu was Speaker, a picture emerged where two members of the House knelt down sweating before the Governor while Speaker Uwajimogu looked on. In fact, Governor Okorocha recently accused him of corruption to the tune of N5bn. His ongoing trouble with Governor Okorocha is based on getting hold on power, not about Imo people.

The list is endless. But it is worthy of note that Deputy Governor Eze Madumere is part of the Okorocha’s administration and is also responsible for the bad governance in the state. He was in the government when the JPROSS saga came up and Sir Jude Agbaso was relieved of his job and he took over as the Deputy Governor. He is an integral part of the problem Imo people want to solve in 2019.

Imo state has become a heavily indebted state with accusations of corruption and lawlessness raging against the government. It is shocking that one leg of the bad and oppressive government in the state has the temerity to think of succeeding Governor Okorocha to continue or amplify the oppression. It is because Okorocha has refused to be succeeded by him that he is now speaking against the Governor in order to get public sympathy and climb to power.

Madumere should be thanking his stars that someone like Okorocha became Governor and made him Deputy Governor eventually for close to six years. He was just a PA to Okorocha and a nobody, doing the bad jobs, taking the bullets as a thug which eventually landed him in trouble in 2011. Such low character has no business in the government house. And after becoming Chief of Staff and Deputy Governor, what else does Madumere want?

Suddenly Madumere has become rich and owns mansions. What is the source of the money with which he built his mansion? Now he thinks that the governorship of Imo State has become a relay race where one athlete hands the baton to the other. Because Okorocha has refused to hand the baton to him, he has removed his muffler.

Sir Jude Ejiogu was the Secretary to the state government while Imo State burnt. He can find no excuse for his unholy romance with the Governor in his destructive policies in the state. His troubles with the Governor started when he was relieved of his appointment. Now he wants to be Governor by becoming a saint over night.

Former Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Dr. T.O.E Ekechi, was in Okorocha’s government for years and at the helm of defending Governor Okorocha and his government. He never saw anything bad. He fought those who tried to question what Okorocha was doing. He went on to vie for the National Assembly but lost the ticket. He parted ways with the Governor and has now joined the gang of frustrated politicians in the state seeking to gain political power one way or the other.

Barr Kingsley Ononuju should not show up any where the solutions to the problems of Imo State is being discussed. He was a sellout and part of the ungodly gang that threw Imo State into the trouble they have been since 2015. If Federal forces had installed Okorocha as Governor in 2011, Imo people had a golden opportunity to remove him in 2015.

Barr Ononuju was the Secretary of the Owerri Zone Political Leaders Forum (OZOPOLF) where they canvassed the guber interest of Owerri Zone in 2015. Shamelessly, after touring the whole of Imo State Barr Ononuju swallowed his vomit and joined Chief Charles Amadi and the rest of OZOPOLF and returned Okorocha in 2015. Because it has not favoured him he become an emergency advocate for good governance now joined the gang of politicians that have been the headache of Imo people.

Former Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Dr Orikeze Ajumbe, was at the forefront of defending the Governor and castigating anyone who dared criticize him. Today he has joined the evil gang to further decimate Imo State.

Another politician Imo people should beware of is Chief Best Ichie Mbanaso, Okorocha’s destroyer-in-Chief. He was Okorocha’s earliest footsoldiers who took greater part in unleashing pain on Imo people, particularly with the destruction of their property and dispossessing them. Mbanaso has suddenly realised that Governor Okorocha is the Comedian-in-Chief in Imo State Government House and he is now calling him the Ibu of Imo State. The only reason Mbanaso is doing all this is because Okorocha refused to support him for his National Assembly ambition in 2019.

Also, Imo people should recall that Senator Osita Izunaso is a prominent member of this ungodly gang of commercial and power hungry politicians who has been accused advising the Governor to dissolve the elected local government officials and the 47 development centers in 2011. Today, because Okorocha has shown them his true colours they now want to tell us how bad he has ever been.

Chief Nick Opara-Ndudu has also joined the gang. But he was among those who spent their money in installing Okorocha in 2011 and was Commissioner for Commerce and in charge of Economic Panning. But he ended up ruining the economy, including incurring huge debts, etc. What else can he do if not the further decimation of the entire state? This gang of commercial politicians do not deserve another space in Imo State politics.

The attention of Imo people is therefore drawn to the antecedents of these commercial and power hungry politicians who put Imo State into trouble because of their selfishness. This evil gang of commercial politicians do not have the interest of Imo people at heart. They are in the evil gang for their pecuniary benefits. They want power at all cost.

Imo people should know that neither these people who were part of the Okorocha government and helped to bring this problem on Imo people nor the Governor’s son-in-law can do anything different. They cannot solve the problems they created. They are selfish and mercantile politicians.

Instead of rewarding them with power for all the harm they have done to Imo people, they are hereby cosigned to the Imo Hall of Shame, including Governor Okorocha who is already in the Imo Hall of Shame. That would be the just recompense for the pain and poverty they brought on the people. They should ostracize these commercial politicians who have proved over time to be good-for-nothing.


Comrade Austin Echefu, National Coordinator, Imo Youths for Good Governance and Democracy (IYGD).

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