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Iran ‘blue girl’ had died in a hospital after setting herself on fire.

An Iranian girl named Sahar also known as Blue Girl had set herself on fire and died as a result.

Sahar had attempted to attend a football match which is banned in Iran.

Moreover, she set herself on fire after learning she could go to prison for watching football at the stadium.

Blue girl however, died in hospital after one week of setting herself on fire.

Meanwhile, Blue Girl had attempted to enter a football stadium by disguising as a man. This was because women are often prevented from going to games.

Sahar was however, arrested on the charge of ‘improperly wearing hijab’.  She was jailed for three days before being released on bail.

Nevertheless she was forced to wait six months for her trial. Only to find out, upon her arrival at the courthouse last week, that it had been postponed because the judge had a immediate family call.

According to the BBC, it is thought she overheard someone at the court suggesting that she could be jailed for between six months and two years if she was found guilty.


As soon as Blue Girl heard this, she set herself on fire outside the court.

Consequently, she  had died of her injuries in hospital.

Most importantly, her sister told Rokna that Sahar was ‘bipolar’ and suffered from ‘a serious mental health condition.

The health condition was ignored and got worst due to her time in prison and fear of the impending court case. 

Furthermore, authorities would have been able to drop the charges brought against Sahar under Articles 80 and 81 of Iran’s Criminal Procedures Regulations but chose to prosecute her anyway.

Women have protested – like Sahar – by disguising themselves as men to attend matches before posting pictures to social media or by demonstrating outside the stadiums.

However the ban to prevent women from entering sports stadia in Iran has been in effect since 1981.

This is now the only one of its kind in the whole world. According to Human Rights Watch.

Moreover, despite the offence not written into law, it  is ‘ruthlessly enforced by the Iranian authorities’. 

Meanwhile, last year, women were temporarily allowed into stadia to watch the streaming of Iran’s World Cup games in Tehran.

Besides, FIFA had previously set Iran a deadline of August 31 this year to lift this ban and allow women to attend games, but this has not yielded any positive result.

Women have protested – like Sahar – by disguising themselves as men to attend matches before posting pictures to social media or by demonstrating outside the stadia

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