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Diabetics until recently were given a diet that is low in all types of carbohydrates. And a diet rich in protein. However, grains, legumes, and fruits were discouraged. This was because of their complex hydrocarbon (starch) and sugar content. Most importantly, the starch and sugar are converted to glucose during digestion.

Moreover, this low carbohydrate diet was seen as the most ideal food for diabetics. And apparently allowed good blood sugar level control.

Nevertheless, diabetics on the low carbohydrate diet have a high incidence of Arteriosclerosis, Cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

Excess fat and protein promote arteriosclerosis . When combined with lack of grains, legumes, and antioxidant fruits, this explains why this type of diet is harmful.


Using diet to cure diabetes is overcoming the old believe about the drawback of carbohydrates. The modern diet for diabetes treatment include:

(1) Food rich in complex carbohydrates (2) Food rich in fibre (3) Food low in fat. Especially animal fat (4) Food low in sugar

The above approach provides better results in controlling glyceamia, preventing complications, and improving longevity of diabetics.

Moreover the following foods should be used by diabetic individuals:

Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and fresh fruits like mangoes may be eaten in controlled amounts.

Green leafy vegetables like artichoke are good for diabetic individuals.

Wholesale grains and legumes give the four dietary objectives for diabetics. They contribute to the control of glucose better than any other type of food. And their regular use prevents diabetes.

Therefore, diabetic individuals should follow the modern diabetic diet to improve their health.

So focus on:

(1) Food rich in complex carbohydrates (2) Food rich in fibre (3) Food low in fat. Especially animal fat (4) Food low in sugar

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