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Ritual killer boy has heen caught. A young boy has been caught with dreaded machete on his way to kill his victim for ritual.

Nevertheless, the young boy identified as Moses was apprehended on his way to kill a victim. Residents said he was caught while he was allegedly making moves for a “dangerous mission”.

Moses stays in Jesse town Ethiope West Local Government Area, Delta state. He was however nabbed on his way to kill a girl for ritual gain in oghara, Ethiope west.

The young Moses is fifteen years of age. And he was caught at about 3 a.m on Monday morning a machete. Meanwhile, he confessed that he was on his way to kill his prospective victim for ritual before his plans was interrupted. He is currently in custody as investigation is on.

Most importantly, this is coming after ritual killers struck few days ago in Oghara. They killed a 12-year old girl identified as Eguono. It was gathered that Eguono’s killers, severed her head from her body and her vital parts harvested.

She was killed around Okwemeva Junction, off Scot Road. Okwemeva junction is an area that had witnessed a number of ritual murders in the last few weeks. It is believed that the killer teenager, Moses, and his pay masters are instrumental to this.

Moses confessed that he normally operate in the early hours of the morning. He said that it is the time he gets his victims without any difficulty.

Meanwhile, security personnel has warned people to be conscious of their safety. Parents are advised to protect their children and monitor their movements.

Suspicious activities should also be reported to police immediately. People should use good security gadgets on their homes to prevent criminals from penetrating their homes. Homes should be properly locked before retiring for sleep.

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