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A 42 years old Nigerian lady has been jailed for attacking her husband’s alleged girlfriend with bleach in UK

42-year-old Abosede Ajayi has been reportedly arrested and jailed in the United Kingdom (UK) for attacking her husband’s alleged girlfriend.

According to Standard UK, Ajayi was given a two year jail term for throwing bleach into the face of a woman she believed was her husband’s mistress Jane Ocran. The mother-of-two attacked Ocran who was sitting in her convertible Mercedes outside her home on June 17, 2017.

It was also reported that the heartbroken woman emptied a bottle of household bleach over Ocran’s head and beat her with her wig.

42-year-old Nigerian lady jailed for attacking her husband’s girlfriend with bleach in UK
42-year-old Nigerian lady Abosede Ajayi jailed for attacking her husband’s girlfriend with bleach in UK. Source: Standard UK.

Inner crown court disclosed that the former ministry of justice administrator severally slapped and punched the young lady before battering her with her hand bag. The lady managed to escape after sustaining serious injury but her sunglasses was able to protect her eyes from the harmful liquid.

However, the young lady denied being in an affair with Ajayi’s husband but disclosed that she went shopping and returned to his home in Brixton.

The prosecutor Dyer said: “The defendant took off her own wig and used it to hit Ms Ocran, slapping and punching her a number of times in the head. The defendant emptied the contents of the handbag into the street and then walked back inside her home. Passers-by doused Ocran’s face with water and she was treated in hospital for soreness to her eyes.”

Gerwyn Wise, who was trying to justify Ajayi’s case disclosed that the woman has been the victim of domestic violence during her 16-year-marriage and her husband had openly embarked on several extra-marital affairs.

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