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Often times, a good number of women will be trying to find out what exactly is “normal” vaginal discharge. Whether all  women have same type  of discharge at various times through their cycle or at ovulation, for example. When is a discharge something she should be concerned about. Etc .

Vaginal discharge  is the biological fluid secreted from the vagina. This discharge can be normal or abnormal. 90% of this discharge is normal. Most  of these discharge reflect the various stages of the menstrual cycle in a reproductive age woman. However, some discharge can be as  a result of an infection, irritation or body change to either positive or negative .

Normally, during consensual sexual play, increased vaginal fluid is a positively associated factor indicating increased female desire and physical arousal. This serves as a prelude to copulation.

However,  while vaginal discharge can sometimes be cloudy, a woman’s  understanding of what’s normal is necessary. Discharge is common to all women and it helps to keep the vagina healthy by regularly flushing it and maintaining the ph balance of healthy bacteria in the vagina.

Nevertheless , during the monthly menstrual cycle, discharge is often present throughout the menstrual cycle (which can vary), even those who have not begun menstruating can have vaginal discharge. Even babies have vaginal discharge! When you see such, don’t freak out, just be observant and keep an eye for unusual changes in the pattern of discharge.

The average woman has a normal vaginal discharge which is an indication of her body changes and a signal to what is going on in her body. A discharge may be cloudy , whitish, transparent, clear,  slippery or bloody.

An adult woman who has reached puberty can use her vaginal discharge to determine changes in her body.

A bloody discharge every 28 days in a woman of puberty stage is the shedding of unfertilized  egg . This lasts for about four days and it is  known as   Menstruation.  If however, the bloody discharge lasts up to eight days,  a review should be done to  see  if there is  any underlying cause.  Fibroid, cyst, cancer etc should be checked as this might be an early sign of  danger.

Immediately after  menstruation, there is a dark red discharge known as Lochia which marks the end of menstruation at about the fifth day. Many women  may  not notice it. But the importance of this is that,in newly  menstruating girls,  if they do not bath very well and often during Lochia discharge,  they end up having  irreversible body odour. That is why mothers should always brief their tenage girls earlier on this.

The next discharge in a  woman after Lochia is a  clear pap like secretion.  This cleans off the track after  menstruation and  indicates a safe period when the woman will not conceive  in the event of copulation. This may last for  four  more days.

After this , the next discharge is the egg white slippery discharge  period characterized by urge to have  sexual intercourse. This is the fertility period.  And almost every  normal woman  gets pregnant during this period when exposed to unprotected sex. This also  last for two or  three days  depending on individuals.

This is followed by the thick cloudy discharge that will last till the  next menstrual time.

In all www.reportngr.com is stating  that  none of these discharge has any form of foul  smell and are normal.  Any foul smelling discharge is an indication of  disease.  Either yeast infection,  staphylococcus infection, syphilis infection, candidiasis,  etc. All of which require medical attention.  If there is also  any form of bloody discharge before menstruation date , the woman  should  not  hesitate to  see a good gynaecologist immediately to ascertain the cause.


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