Mountain climber

50 Years Old Mountain Climber Came Out After 500 Days Of Living Alone In The Cave Without Shower

Beatriz Flamini a 50-year-old Spanish mountain climber has on Friday 14th April 2023 came out from an underground cave. Flamini has been in the underground cave for 500 days. According to Aljazeera News, the 50 years old lady went in seclusion as part of an experiment on the effects of …

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Poisonous fish

This Poisonous Fish Can Kill Instantly Plus Why You Should Avoid Dried Sliced Fish

Those responsible for my parent's deaths should be held accountable under the law. And I hope the authorities will speed up investigations. I also hope the Malaysian government will beef up enforcement and help to raise public awareness on Puffer Fish poisoning to prevent such incident from occurring again. She concluded.

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See What Nigerians Did After Ukrainian President Congratulated Tinubu Amidst Controversial Election

Following the emergence of Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress Party [APC] as the president of Nigeria, there has been a lot of chaos and disarray in in the country from different angles. While many have been pointing accusing fingers on the chairman of the Independent National …

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tips for blogging and website development

Steps To Have Full Control Of Your Website And Be Independent From Your Web Developer In Website Development

Many webmasters use one hosting and domain for numerous websites. This is good if they are doing it for websites they are managing. But as long as you paid a developer to create a website for you, make sure you are independent of him by having full control of your domain.

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Earthquake in Turkiye and Syria

Rescue Team Searches For Survivors, More Countries Offer Helps As Worst Earthquake Claims Over 1800 Lives

Not less than 1800 people have died in Syria and Turkey following a devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. Hundreds of people are still missing. This is coming at a time many families are barely managing the harsh winter weather in Syria. Also, AFP reporter and witnesses felt the second earthquake …

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