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Natural Foods That Control Nervousness

The Nervous system reacts disproportionately to normal stimuli when in an excited or irritated condition. Every drug whether good or bad acts on the nervous system and either cause nervousness or aggravates nervousness. However, there are some foods that control nervousness or cure it completely. The Nervous system. Every drug …

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Can That Lump In The Armpit Become A Breast Cancer (Video)

It is a known fact that the most common area for breast cancers is the upper outer portion of the breast. The upper outer part of the breast is where there are more breast lobules and ducts. This also includes the area of the breast going into the armpit, the axillary tail. So these are considered breast cancers starting in the armpit (the axilla).

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Alligator pepper

How To Use Alligator Pepper To Protect Yourself And Remove Negative Energy

Pray with alligator pepper and bitter kola and splash it off. If you see strange faeces in front of your house, any negative energy associated with it will go back to the sender with the right use of the alligator pepper. Furthermore, if someone has wronged you so badly and you want to do something about it, make sure your hands are clean. Now, take the alligator pepper and kola nut early in the morning,......

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