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See The Nigerian Girl Made General Council Of American Board Of Surgery

Nigerian born Adanwimo Okafor Named General Counsel of American Board Of Surgery

Sharing the good news on her LinkedIn page, Okafor said, “I’m the first person of color and first black woman to hold this position in the organization’s 80 plus year history!

The American Board of Surgery is the national certifying body for general surgeons and related specialists in the US. In addition to being the General Counsel, Okafor also serves as the inaugural chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer in the organisation.

Recall that in 2005,a Nigerian, Dr. Ogadimma Adannaya Mgbajah became the first female cardiothoracic surgeon in Nigeria and West Africa.

Mgbajah, who hails from Owerri, Imo State, attended the Federal Government Girls College, Calabar, and the University College Hospital, Ibadan in 2005

Source: LinkedIn | Adanwimo “Ada” Okafor

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