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What is blogging?

According to the balancesmb, Blogging is simply writing, photography, and other media that is self-published online.

It started as a zeal for individuals to write diary-style entries. But it has since been incorporated into websites for many businesses.

Blogging started as a zeal for individuals to write diary-style entries.

Why do people blog?

Almost every blogger has three major reasons why he/she indulge in Blogging.

The primary aim of successful bloggers is to express themselves via writing. This involves telling the world their views and their passion.

Another reason is to keep their sites active in order to rank high in searches.

The third reason is to gain financial stability and fame.

Blogger should blog about inspirations, ideas, current affairs, etc. This involves getting keywords and develop them into articles.

What should you blog about?

A blogger should blog about inspirations, ideas, current affairs, etc. This involves getting keywords and develop them into articles. (Keywords are those topics people are always eager to read).

Where do bloggers get ideas and keywords?

As a good blogger, your inspirations and ideas should come from your own work, current events, comments from your readers, magazines, newspapers, other blogs etc. This does not mean that you should copy what these sources have put down. Rather, you should deduct idea and style from them.

Inspiration strikes when one does not expect it. Therefore, a blogger should always have writing materials and camera always by his side. Whatever inspiration you get, put it down and develop it into an article as soon as possible.

How can a blogger write quality post?

Bloggers should bear in mind that writing articles is like cooking for the public. One cannot cook whatever the one likes and serve to the public. Whatever food one is cooking for the public should be suitable and meet the standard of those who will eat it.

This means that your articles must meet public standard. Meeting public standard involves quality command of grammar, Originality, Readability, Illustrations, etc.

Quality command of grammar: Your blog post must be written in plain English language. ( We are using English language as an example, since my audience are mostly English speaking community).

Bloggers should be careful in selection of words, punctuations, paragraphs and headings for easy and effective understanding.

Originality :

A blog should be fresh, new and original. This means having new articles or updates that are free from plagraism.

Avoid copying what anyone has written. Be yourself. Develop your own work or ideas. If you are in current affairs niche, use your own grammar to state your information.

Let what you write be what your audience want to read. Make your article different from what is already on the web.

Readability : Your blog post should be easy to read, clearly written, well structured, have subheadings, logical paragraphs, etc. This will make it to rank high in searches.

four tips to consider before writing a post are: Article Audience Information Feedback.

How to write quality posts:

Take a little time to think about what to write (my post/article ). Whom are you writing for (my audience). What are you telling them (my massage/information). What do i want them to do after reading (my call to action/feedback).

From the above, you can see that the four tips to consider before writing a post are: Article Audience Information Feedback.

When you write a quality article to the necessary audience, after getting the information, the audience will give you feedback (traffic). The end result is that you will have people visiting your site to read your post.

After writing original and readable posts, optimize your content for Search Engines

To get quality posts do these:

Choose topic you want to write. Choose the order you want to write it. Write in clear paragraphs. Start every paragraph with with most important sentence, explain and elaborate on it. Use short paragraphs ( seven or eight sentences in a paragraph and eighteen to twenty words in a sentence). Make it readable by using readability analysis like transition words. Always use featured image. And try to add at least two images between posts.

Optimize your posts :

After writing original and readable posts, optimize your content for Search Engines. Bear in mind that there is possibility that Search engine might pick your content. SEO should never compromise originality of idea and readability of text.

Check Red and Green bullets to know which aspect of your findability needs attention. Correct the errors.

Blog Engagement:

Blog Engagement refers to the inter-relationship between a blogger and his fans. This is one of the factors google considers in before approving a site.

Always reply or react to a comment on your post. Positive Interaction with persons that comment on your post encourages more page and site likes. This leads to more traffic.

Marketing Of Blog:

After setting up a blog, you must market it. If a blogger does not market his blog, the end result is frustration and failure.

Blog marketing is simply bringing your blog to public notice. This involves having a Facebook page, Instagram page, Tweeter handle, Snapchat, LinkedIn or mix, Pinterest, etc. Once you have all these, simple sharing of post will already reach wider views. Therefore, endeavour to have all the above accounts.

Newsletter : This means collecting phone number of subscribers who want to stay informed and email them your posts regularly.

Monetizing Of Blog: This is the only area most bloggers are in Blogging. To many, once they open a blog, money will start flowing. No, this never a reality. There must be due process before monetization takes place.

Blogs are monetized through advertising, affiliate marketing, writing of sponsored posts or using ones blog to promote ones own stuff.

Maintaining Of Blog:

A blogger may not blog everyday. But chooses a frequency or pattern of blogging and stick to it. In this way, your audience will predict what to expect from you.

Discipline is required in blogging. Update all your cornerstone posts regularly. Delete irrelevant posts. Delete posts that audience are not reading from your site. This will clean up your site sweetly.

Rewrite and refresh old contents starting from cornerstone posts.

Reversing A Decreased Traffic :

If your traffic is decreasing, do the following : Check if there is change in your google ranking. A low ranking always result to low traffic. Therefore, if there is low ranking change, boost your site SEO.

If the drop in traffic is not from low ranking, check your social media performance.

Comment politely on other blogs and calmly put your link that wrote about the topic you are commenting on.

Write more quality articles that attract people.

Send out Newsletters via e-mail.

Start advertising on social media and other outlets.

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