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The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III has reportedly sent his youngest out of the palace.

This is as a result of allegations going round that the queen has been having extra marital affairs with series of men.

Among the accused men is the popular Fuji music king, Alhaji Ayinde Wasiu popularly known as Kwam .

The Fuji king is allegedly having a romantic affair with the 9th wife of the Alaafin Oyo.

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According to reports from varying sources, Olori Badirat Ajoke’s time in the palace was abruptly terminated after deep allegations emerged from the camp of a popular blogger, Esther Aboderin aka Esabod.

Esther alleged that one of the highly respected Yoruba king’s wife was having a secret love affair with Music Legend, KWAM 1.

Accordimg to a close source, it was an emotional but inevitable decision by the Alaafin to send the queen out of the palace due to respect for culture.

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The queen, Olori Ajoke is currently serving her father’s land through the compulsory NYSC one year program.

She is a graduate of the University Of Ibadan (2018 batch).

Ajoke owns a charity foundation bears ‘The Queen Ajoke Adeyemi Foundation’ (QAAF). This foundation focus on assisting children from poor homes and training youths on vocational jobs.

Nevertheless, many Nigerians have expressed displeasure on the development.

While many people are not happy with the Fuji music king, KWAM 1 who is widely respected amongst Fuji. Ironically, kwam1 was recently crowned the Mayegun 1 of Yoruba land by the same Alaafin of Oyo.

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A good number of people are still doubting the truthfulness of the allegation.

Moreover, many believe that if he truly committed the act, he will die after 7 days. Because it is a great and dreadful taboo that he had committed and offenders of such crimes don not live beyond the next 7 days.

Alhaji Ayinde Wasiu holding the tittle of Mayegun 1 is a custodian of culture and therefore, should have unalloyed respect for the office of the Oba.

If proven to be fact, the music king may face banishment.

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