Coronavirus is recently posing serious health problems in China and the entire world.

Many health practitioners have attributed the disease to the consumption infected animal meat. And contact with infected animals.

Although many attribute it to poor hygiene, many others still see it as disease contacted through animals.

Animals especially rodents have been identified as the primary reservoir hosts.

Moreover, many people have faulted the Chinese diet and feeding habit as a contributory factor in the spread of coronavirus. Below are some of the food that the indigenous Chinese consume.

?Sheep Penis

Threaded on a stick, grilled and served hot.

?Tuna Eyeball

The eyeball is boiled, seasoned and served.

?Bird’s Nest Soup

Chinese delicacy made using the nests of a small Chinese bird, the swiftlet. The bird makes its nest from its own saliva, which hardens when exposed to air. Chicken broth is added to the saliva to make this soup. Like many things in China, its famed for its health benefits.

?Chicken Testicles

Chicken testicles seem to show up on many menus in Hong Kong. The testicles themselves look much like large white beans which are boiled or fried whole with a soft squishy inside. They’re served in a broth with your choice of rice or noodles.


A balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Locals absolutely love them. The best part is when you tip the egg up and sip on the liquid inside. Balut is a common food in other countries such as Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.


Deep fried on a stick. Choose to have yours seasoned with salt, chilli salt or whatever else the vendor is offering. If you close your eyes and forget about what you are snacking on, you might be able to stomach it.

?Thousand-year-old eggs

Duck eggs coated with lime, ashes and mud, soaked in brine for 100 days until the yolk turns green and the whites become gelatinous and dark brown. The eggs have a creamy cheese flavour with a strong smell.


?Snake Soup

More commonly eaten in Hong Kong, especially during the winter to warm up.

This soup is considered somewhat of a gourmet dish. The soup is served with snake shredded inside. Many say it tastes like chicken.

?Stinky Tofu

It’s the name that turns most people off, even before they wonder what it might taste like. It’s a fermented tofu that has a very potent smell.

You definitely smell it half a block before you see it. It’s been described as the blue cheese of tofu.

?Roasted Street Bird or Whole Pigeons

It is an entire street bird threaded on a stick, dipped in a marinade for all that flavour and roasted.


This is fried and eaten.


This is grilled and eaten.

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