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Two middle aged men have been apprehended in the village of Isieke Okija Anambra state of Nigeria while burying charms to kill some people with voodoo.

The two men were identified as Mr. Christopher Ugochukwu (A.k.a Omega) and Mr. Boniface Chukwurah ( A.k.a Ulopka).

It was alleged that the dou are responsible for killing and caging peoples Destiny in the village with voodoo.

A source stated that the men have committed a lot of atrocities in Isieke Okija.

According to a witness who put his name as Nwabunwa, “They have buried a lot of charms in peoples houses recently”.

A facebook user Remmy O. Remmy stated in his Facebook page as follows: “Whenever I remember the death of my Father, Chief Benjamin Anajuba Ikegwuoha (EZEAMAMA 1 OKIJA) whom these men killed along side with his 2 wives (Lolo Paulina Esienaonu Ikegwuoha and also Lolo Alice Ejieyiato Ikegwuoha) who died few months ago and still in the mortuary, I feel so much pain and heartbroken.

Now there next target was my Senior brother (Chief Akusinachi 1 of Okija). Whose name was written on a list caught with the native doctor from Uli Umuoma village in Anambra state that did the charms for them”.

“That list bears the names of their target victims to be killed with charms before Christmas”.

“The charms have been prepared and already buried in the various homes of some targeted victims. But God of vengeance exposed them on the mission to bury the charm in my Brothers house. With God exposing them this time around, I believe they have committed a lot of abominations and wasted innocent blood to there wickedness. And so shall God keep exposing all the evil men in my land and your land in Jesus name Amen. ( GOD THANK U FOR SAVING MY BELOVED BROTHER CYPRIAN IKEGWUOHA) Long live Isieke youth Okija!!! Long live Akusinachi!!! Long live Ikegwuoha Family!!! Remmy concluded.

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