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Seven people have been arrested in connection with the mass grave discovered in a cassava farm in Benue State.

The mass grave was discovered by team of policemen in Benue state.

However, the newly discovered mass grave had cassava planted over it.

One of the 7 suspects arrested over the newly mass grave revealed that he killed his victims for money and mystic powers.

The serial killer and kidnap kingpin identified as Iorwuese Kpila was paraded alongside others by the Benue state commissioner of police Mukaddas Garba.

Kpila revealed that most of their victims are commercial motorcyclist whom they boarded their bike.

Kpila stated thus: “We will tell Okada riders to drop us at a certain location and immediately we reach there I and my gang members will grabbed the victim and strangulate him with a rope, dig a grave, burry him and plant cassava on top of the grave, thereafter we sell the machine to a buyer,” he concluded.

Futhermore, the suspect disclosed that he has so far killed 16 people. He further disclosed that “the ‘Queen’ who is a spirit told him to kill 20 people before he will have powers to appear and disappear.”

“So far, we have kidnapped 16 persons, robbed them of their vehicles, motorcycles and other belongings, killed the victims, buried the corpses and planted cassava on the graves. The ‘queen spirit’ directed us to do so and after meeting the target of 20, we would acquire whatever we want in life. It is the ‘queen spirit’ that consumed the blood of our victims” he added.

It was also learnt that some of the exhumed bodies seems to have been buried for more than a year even though Kpila claimed to have carried out his activities in Ushongo for only three months.

Commenting on the arrest made so far, the police commissioner Mukaddas Garba said investigation is still ongoing. 


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