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The State Security Service yesterday announced a nationwide crackdown on individuals allegedly caught posting inciting information on the Internet.

State Security Services said it had recently observed that some social media users were distorting Nigeria’s history to promote ethnic violence.

However, the distorted history is putting the nation into crisis.

This development the SSS said must be urgently dealt with through interference.  

Spokesperson of SSS, Peter Afunanya, said that some “unpatriotic” Nigerians have been using social media platforms to make “unguarded public statements. And use the social media platforms to instil fear in the minds of citizens.

“These are reflected in the misleading statements and articles being circulated among unsuspecting members of the public. Such inciting materials oftentimes are designed to make or convey false accusations by one group against the other. They also resort to skewing historical narratives to suit their objective of masterminding ethnic violence in the nation. So far, some of the culprits have been arrested,” Afunanya said.

Nevertheless, SSS said it was “determined to see that the tribal dividers and mischief makers do not continue to exploit socio-political differences. And using Internet platforms to threaten the peace and stability of the country.”

The service said regional and community elders should desist from making “unguarded statements”. And also help shut down all ethnically-charged rhetoric by persons in their respective domains.  

The State Security Services vowed to “sustain the apprehension and prosecution of defaulters.

SSS categorically stated that it will not go back in its move to prevent crimes and keep the country as one.


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