Lasting relationship tips


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Lasting relationship tips


Lasting relationship  enriches  our lives. One  way of  staying happy  in life is understanding  tips for lasting  relationship. Many relationships hit the rock due to minor negative attitudes. Some relationships break not because the couple do not love each other. But because of negative signals from the partner. Nevertheless, following simple rules from relationship experts give positive results that lead to lasting relationship.

20 TIPS FOR  LASTING  RELATIONSHIP *******************************************


          This  is an essential key for a lasting relationship. Lack of communication between couple leads to  many negative results. Besides, inability of  partners to communicate fluently  is a signal that things are not  going to end up well. Therefore, keep communication door open in your relationship. Always share your feelings.   Apply communication rules.(Talk in a way that people will like to listen to you.  And listen in  a way that people will like to talk to you).


MISTRUST is a very big relationship killer. Lack of trust leads  to a non lasting  relationship to nowhere. Above all,  mistrust brings constant jelousy, suspicion,  quarrel, and  finally break-up. Think about why you feel jealous. Does your reasons  genuinely call for your  actions?   Moreover , if there is a genuine  reason not to trust your partner, use communication to  address immediately.


In a relationship, there are days when a partner  feels  moody  for no particular reason or for a particular reason. Just like it rains when its suppose to and sun shines when it ought to. During this period of mood swing,  partners should bear with each other.  This is always as a result of hormonal changes. It is more common in women.  Therefore, if you see this in your partner, act according to the need of the time.  This means that if your partner is moody for no reason known to you,  try to stay clear for a while. But if the moody nature of a partner happens often,  try to get what is amist. Sometimes, a psychological expert should be approached for advice.

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According to experts,  the safest thing to do is knowing if a relationship is worth being into.  Ensure  you sit down and assess whether you are willing to invest in each  other by questioning your innermost being.  No matter how long you have  gone out  or how much you do not want it to split or end up. Be truthful to yourself. Is the partner whom you are proud to be with?  Do you truely love your partner or you lust for your partner?  Does your partner have same regard on you?Answers to these will give you direction on whetherto  stay or not.


Do things by yourself, stick to your  different interests and hobbies.  Sometimes, try  outings  with friends. It helps to refresh and make things interesting between  couple. However, make sure your actions does not  hurt your partner.  Have mutual respect. And keep friends that will not have  negative impact on you.


No single  relationship is a Bed Of Roses.  Everything  depends on how you make your bed.  Everyone  has disagreement in relationship, its a normal.  Do not  react  too much if you have disagreements or a fight with your partner. Believe me, every relationship does but it’s how you handle those face-off  and how often you have them that matters. You need to work on yourselves to have a lasting  relationship. Take corrections to avoid a repeat.


To be romantic is not an indoor exercise alone. Sometimes, go on a date, do attractive  things for one another. Romance keeps the spark needed to cheer up a relationship and keep it warm.  When there is less attention on romance, relationship starts  to fade.


Making sure you have some times set aside for your loved one’s is something special. The time you spend with people makes them feel happy.  Learn to go for dates, have nice meals together, just be with one another often.  Even if you are really the busy type, make out quality time to stay  with your partner. Puts your partner  in happy mood and makes your relationship stronger.  Morever, do not  forget that there are other important people aside your relationship.  The people who support you during the uneven times, please do not neglect them also. But keep off from negative ones.


Even if you previously had a dispute that made you felt bad with your partner. Always make it ideal to tell your partner how you love him or her.  Telling someone you love him/her  often is a magnetic way of keeping a relationship on a safer side. Make this  a necessity and watch your relationship blossom into a wonderful happiness.


Always be appreciative of every little  good will from your partner.  When things are being done for you,  even if it is a  little, do not condemn it. Most  importantly, AVOID BEING MATERIALISTIC. This means having the urge to acquire everything you see. Being  materialistic puts  so much  pressure on your partner. Bear in mind that no living and non living thing withstands   pressure.   If you push your partner  into anything against his /her wish continuously,   he/she may back out. Also  he or she may start avoiding you or end up in having constant quarrel with you.


Once you see this analogy as correct then you are good to go.  Seeing  your partner  as yourself  is a good plus in  a relationship.  Every  solid  relationship works because the couple take each other as one. There is selfless spirit of team work. Think of your partner when making decision. One of the unsaid secret of knowing how to make a lasting relationship is, to always consider the other person when making decisions.


Try to look nice and be nice to your partner. Sometimes it’s the little things that counts. Be each others biggest support by making sure your partner knows you are there for him or her. In time in of  need,  be one another’s leaning shoulder. Try doing  things to earn financially.  Never stay totally  idle waiting for your patner provide all your needs.


Do not do things  to overshadow your partner. During  argument, never talk to your partner in a derogatory way. Never expose your partner weak points during arguments.  If argument is getting out of hands,  leave the scene,  come back later, apologise even if you are not at fault. However , when things become calm, you highlight all that  is your problem.    Do not  be pompous to apologise if you are at fault.


Having self confidence makes you  more attractive to your partner. Just the way you love your self, show affection to your partner. Hold hands, cuddle, laugh when needed, do things together, tell them how beautiful and cute they are, it makes them feel happy.  When they know you placed them above your needs, also it help’s you feel closer to each other.


When you say you love a person, let the whole world know  that  you truely love them. stick to  your partner at all times. When you are in a serious relationship playing games of cheat gets you to  nowhere. do not hide your feelings.  Say how you feel instead of making cheating  a habit to stay away from unhappy moments. Cut out any bad behavior and stay clean to enjoy your relationship. If you really have your partners interest at heart, do not  cheat.


Always have it in mind  that no one is perfect, not even you. Everyone is prone to mistakes.  So try to  tolerate  one another in everything.  Knowing that nobody else is perfect but God. This leads to lasting relationship.


Some thing’s don’t need to be a topic for  public  discussion. In everything,  learn to keep things between the two of you. Make sure some things are kept private. This will bring you closer to each other. Avoid third party. It leads to non lasting relationship. Three Killed In Fresh Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Accident


Honesty has a lot of side attraction. A honest individual  is always a great asset because if one is  truthful,  the one will  alwsays attract good wills. Always be honest to your partner. Because it leads to trust.


Most people lie to their partner just to keep their ego.  Being realistic is a good thing. Tell the truth of your worth.  Your relationship is not going to be this fairytale romance  seen in  movies world. Have realistic expectations of it.  Learn not to compare your relationship and status with other.  Be yourself.


Make sure you know what’s going on in your partners life. Do not neglect them by not asking questions from time to  time. Maybe,  he or she can not  voice it out without being asked. Make an effort to ask questions to  find out about their lives. Moreover,  if they are  in bad moments,  try to sort  it out with them. Don’t neglect to do this, otherwise distance starts to form between you. And this breeds  misunderstanding with time.

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