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Will Smith had attacked Chris Rock A
Catching moment Will Smith punched Chris Rock at Oscars Award

See Why Will Smith Beats Chris Rock In Live Tv At Oscars 2022

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The Oscars 2022, the 94th Academy Award was disrupted tonight by the action of Will Smith.

Will Smith became visibly annoyed with Chris Rock after he made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

The Oscars Award has been going on enjoyably before Chris Rock jokingly told Jada that he was looking forward to a sequel to G. I. Jane. Refering to her appearance.

Rock was actually referring to the movie “G.I. Jane” in which actress Demi Moore shaved her head. Rock was in a very good spirit and never thought that the joke could bring any negative reaction.

However, the positive spirit of Chris Rock was spoilt by an unexpected reaction after Will Smith became angry with the joke made by Chris Rock about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Following the joke, Smith stood up from where he was sitting near the stage, walked up to Chris Rock and punched his mouth. Leaving him with further vulgar words.

After sitting back down, Smith shouted at Rock to “keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

Nevertheless, this very minute surprised the entire Dolby Theatre audience and people watching from different locations.

Immediately during the commercial break, TV presenter Daniel Kaluuya came up to hug Smith. Denzel Washington escorted him to the side of the stage. Two of them talked and hugged each other. Tyler Perry came over to talk as well.

Initially, Will Smith’s action appeared to be a scripted joke. However, people’s mood changed to see it as real when Smith sat back in his seat and retorted back, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

Rock replied “I will do exactly that”

Ironically, Jada Pinkett has been suffering from hair loss, which is a direct result of the alopecia she suffers from as a result of her medical condition

Unarguably, Smith thought Chris Rock was mocking his wife and moved in for defence.

Meanwhile, Will Smith has won the best actor for his portrayal of Richard Williams, the father and coach of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams in “King Richard” at the Oscars.

Notwithstanding, many people at the Oscars 2022 has condemned the Winning Award given to Will Smith and insisted that Smith should have been escorted out of the venue and never allowed back to receive any award.

Meanwhile, after receiving the award, Will Smith apologized and said he will be happy to be invited again.

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