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Soft drinks are non-nutritious carbonated  beverages. The only nutrient in soft drink is from its high sugar content. They are made from artificial ingredients.

Many people drink it in place of water and natural juice which is very harmful especially for children.

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Contrary to general belief, soft drinks  are not thirst quenching as it’s sugar and other chemical contents leave an after-thirst.  Or even greater thirst than before.

Research at the Hospital of Southampton  (UK) shows that children who often consume soft drinks experience the following negative characteristics :

?Half or their daily energy is obtained from sugar in the soft drink. This creates a metabolic imbalance that predisposes them to arteriosclerosis and diabetes at adult stage. It also forms the bedrock of cancer in 80% of consumers.  Sugar should not make up more than 10% of total dietery calories.


?Continuous intake of Soft drink results in malnutrition as soft drink is non-nutritive and curbs appetite.

?Soft drinks lead to irritability,lack of appetite and diarrhea.

?Contrary to general belief, they are not thirst quenching as it’s sugar and other chemical contents leave an after-thirst.  Or even greater thirst than before.

?Soft drink  contains many unhealthy calories.  For the sugar in soft drink to be converted to energy, B-group vitamins and minerals are essential. Since these are absent from  soft drink,they must be obtained from body reserve.  Thus depleting them. In situations where the individual doesn’t do exercise,  this sugar is turned to fat.

?Stomach irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane is common in the digestion of carbonated beverages. Therefore, it should be avoided in cases of gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer, and general digestive disorders.

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?Dental Caries resulting from the combination of sugar and acid such as phosphoric acid attacks the enamel aggressively. This often results in bleeding gums, fragile bones etc.

?Urinary Stones is common among people that often consume soft drink. This is because they foster elimination of calcium and oxalate through the urine.

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?Decalcification. All the  added acid like phosphoric acid acidifies the blood which the body attempts to neutralize by releasing calcium and other minerals from the  bone. This leads to decalcifying action and should be avoided in cases of osteoporosis and rickets.

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