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See Russia Demands To Stop Invasion Of Ukraine And Experts’ Interpretations

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In the heat of the rising tension on the likely invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Russian government has released a number of demand that will stop her from attacking Ukraine. However, the Russia demands are seen as an ambush by some experts.

The demands include the following:

United Kingdom must pull all her troops out of Central and Eastern Europe.

Ukraine must be banned from entering NATO.

There must be removal of NATO troops and weapons from countries that entered the alliance after 1997. ( Already, former Warsaw Pact countries and current NATO members – Romania and Bulgaria have already rejected this demand).

On no occasion should NATO hold military drills in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Caucasus countries, and Central Asia countries. (However, Poland and the Baltic states have warned that Russia is attempting to re-establish a sphere of influence in the region and rejected this demand).

NATO must withdraw medium range missiles to areas that cannot reach Russia and its controlled territories.

Also, Russia has written a serious letter to the Irish Government demanding an immediate response to a series of claims that the Government may have changed its position on post-Cold War European security arrangements.

In the letter, Russia demands a crystal response to whether Ireland had changed her attitude to previous commitments on European security, signed over the past thirty years.

It should be noted that Russian above-mentioned requests are major Russia demands to stop war in Europe.

Meanwhile, many analysts have interpreted these demands and arrive at conclusion that Russia is not targeting Ukraine alone. But there are hidden agenda for these demands.

Nevertheless, NATO has already said these demands are unacceptable.

One of these analysts, Amir Tsarfati said that the present crisis is not about Ukraine.

A short commentary by Amir Tsarfati says:

Believe it or not but this present crisis isn’t about the Ukraine!

Russia is demanding from the US and NATO to return back to the pre-1997 situation where no former Eastern Bloc countries hosted foreign armies.

In addition, Russia demands the dismantling of 7 US bases in Europe where nuclear weapons are present. Russia demands that NATO won’t expand eastward anymore.

Russia wants to change the present world order where America is the only superpower, thus its foreign deployment takes care of its own interests only.

America and Europe understand that saying yes to Russia is political suicide, but saying no to Russia is military suicide.

The use of sanctions won’t work as all it takes is for Putin to stop the flow of the gas, oil, and coal supplies to Europe and the UK and they’ll freeze to death!

In regards to America, please know that three years ago Russia finally achieved superiority over the US in tactical nuclear weapons! Russia can destroy America by destroying 5-6 urban centers, but America can’t destroy Russia and its vast landmass. It can hurt it severely, but that’s all.

We are watching history in the making:
America is literally stepping down from the stage as the only world superpower!

Europe is in big trouble as its progressive pacifist doctrine with no armies or small “boutique armies” has made it very weak and vulnerable! If he wants, Putin can march to Berlin in 3 days!

So where are we now?

I guess all it takes is for the world to be afraid and eventually for Israel to be attacked.

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