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RIVER STATE: The Mayor of Port Harcourt, Honourable Ihunwo Victor Nyeche (JP) has warned traders who block the road.

The Port Harcourt mayor has urged the traders to quit the street by 6.30pm daily.

He specifically warned traders at Bishop Okoye Road.

Bishop Okoye Road has been a torn in the flesh of previous governments. It had been a difficult task to decongest the Bishop Okoye Road.


However, the mayor of Port Harcourt had succeeded in clearing the road to at least 90%.

This exercise is aimed at returning sanity to the Streets of Port Harcourt to a higher level.

The River State Mayor bluntly told them to Consider themselves accomplice to any form of crime and criminality committed on thas road, if caught trading beyond 6:30 PM- Mayor of Port Harcourt to Bishop Okoye shop owners.

Shop owners trading after the Chain-Link Fence, demarcating their shops and Bishop Okoye Road are directed to close at least by 6:30 PM, daily.

This directive was issued to them directly by the Mayor at their various shops.

Moreover, this is aimed at tackling crime and criminality committed by miscreants in the area.

It is noted that criminals take advantage of the cover of the night to steal from the people. Above all, they disappear into the crowd or take cover inside some of the shops.

Meanwhile, the River State Mayor had earlier told them to close by 7 PM. But most of the traders said they even leave by 6:00 PM .

This prompted the Mayor to adjust the time from 7 PM to 6:30 PM.


“It is good that you people have said that you close by 6:00 PM. But I will give you people additional 30 minutes.

Therefore, if you are seen trading beyond 6:30 PM, we are going to see you as one of those working with the criminals. And helping them to sell the stolen items,” the Mayor warned.

During the exercise, the mayor was accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, Mrs Marian Fiberesima. His aides. Supervisors for Transportation and Environment Mr Gift Amadi and Mr Nwenekanma Ali, respectively.

“Consider yourselves accomplice to any form of crime and criminality committed on this road, if caught trading beyond 6:30 PM” (Mayor of Port Harcourt to Bishop Okoye shop owners).

Port Harcourt road Decongestion

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