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Epilepsy is the disease of the Central Nervous System. It is characterised by seizures of different intensity and degree.

Epileptic victims may suffer loss of memory, absent mindedness, sever convulsions with loss of consciousness.

Moreover, health scientists have discovered that certain food help or cure epilepsy completely.

For example, a lack of B vitamins and certain minerals increases seizures occurance in epileptic patients.

Also, consumption of alcoholic beverages triggers seizures in epileptic people.

However, Epileptic patients should increase the following food in their diets :

?B VITAMINS: These reduces seizures occurance.

SOURCES: Brewers yeast and wheat germ are the richest sources of B Vitamins.

?VITAMIN B6: Deficiency of this particular vitamin has been proven to be the major cause of Epilepsy.

SOURCES : This include Legumes and Whole grains.

?FOLATES: Folic Acid supplements reduces seizures.


SOURCES : This include Legumes and Green-leafy vegetables. Spinach, and lettuce are chief sources.

?MAGNESIUM : Generally, lack of magnesium causes convulsion in everyone and epileptic seizure in epileptic individuals.

SOURCES : Squash seeds, Sesame and oil bearing nuts are the best sources.

?MANGANESE : Lack of this trace element in pregnant women’s diet increases the risk of CONGENITAL EPILEPSY in the unborn child.

SOURCES : Whole grains, nuts, molasses, are good sources of Manganese.

Nevertheless, Epileptic patients should avoid the following foods listed below:

?ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES : This triggers epileptic crisis and must be avoided.

?SWEETNERS: Aspartame has been linked to the appearance of crisis in epileptic individuals. Avoid artificial sweetness and its products.

?PRIMROSE OIL: This oil produces epileptic seizures in epilepsy. Individuals who are sensitive to this and other Omega-3-fatty acids like fish oil should avoid them.


Often, people say that a patient who is having epileptic seizures should not be touched. This is not trube.


♠Put a slim thick pad between the patients teeth. The pad should not be too big to block the air ways. This is to avoid bitting the tongue by the individual.

♥Move the individual to a safer place. A calm and airy cool area without sun intensity.

♦Lie the patient in recovery position. That is sideways by the left side of the body. This enables the heart to pump more blood for circulation.

♦Make sure that crowds are turned out

♣Once the patient becomes conscious, allow at least 20 minutes rest.

?Move him to a hospital.

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