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More than 60 people have been killed in Kaduna State of Northern Nigeria. Unknown gunmen have attacked and killed more than 60 people in two communities in northwestern Kaduna state Nigeria‘.

This happened on the evening of Friday 15th of February. Barely 12 hours to the presidential election.

Statement by the government on Friday, which confirmed the attacks. The statement said that security personnel had been “deployed to the area and arrests have been made”.

“Security agencies today reported the recovery of 66 bodies that were killed in attacks by criminal elements on various dispersed hamlets in the Maro Gida and Iri axis of Kajuru,” Kaduna governor’s spokesperson Samuel Aruwan said.

“Among the victims were 22 children and 12 women. Four wounded persons rescued by the security agencies are now receiving medical attention,” he added.

The attack has caused panic among residents of the state.

“I hope the security agencies can step up their plan and ensure there are no more killings, especially this election period to reduce the tension,” Kaduna resident Abdulkadir Inuwa said.

The incident comes hours before the presidential and legislative elections on Saturday.


Senior Nigeria researcher of the International Crisis Group, Nnamdi Obasi, told said that the attacks may affect the elections.

“These attacks and the fear of reprisal will certainly affect voter turnout in Kajuru local government area. following similar killings in 2018, they have also heightened long-running tensions in parts of Kaduna state, creating a more combustible atmosphere around the elections,” Obasi said.

Security is a major concern before Saturday’s vote.

Kaduna has a history of election violence.

In 2011, hundreds were killed in the state during post-election violence after acting President Goodluck Jonathan beat Muhammadu Buhari to the presidency.

Nigerians have frowned on this development. And have called on the federal government to step into the matter immediately to bring the criminals to book.

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