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Youthful skin is what every human being looks for in everyday life. Many have gone far and wide looking for how to either regain lost youthful skin or maintain existing one.


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Youthful  skin  is what every human being  looks for  in everyday life.  Many have  gone  far and wide  looking for how to  either  regain  lost youthful skin  or  maintain  existing one. 

The skin is  the largest  organ in the human  body. However,  it  remains  a non tolerant of  harsh and unfavourable  conditions.

To maintain  a youthful  skin and  healthy  body ,  one needs to understand  the initial  component  of  the  skin. At least, from  enfant to around  the  age of  twenty eight years.


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From  birth,  the skin  is filled  with  all the required nutrients  for  vigour, vitality, radiance, and  general youthfulness. These important nutrients are naturally fixed to help the human being adapt to the journey into the harsh world.

It should be noted that Nature has provided everything  the human  body needs  for the long   journey throughout life. Above all,  everything  the body needs  to convert food  to vital  nutrients is available   at the early  stage of life.

Unfortunately,  human beings  forget to refill these natural  body  moderators  that decrease  with  increase in age. This is because  human beings are in constant   struggle to meet up with  daily  frivolous  needs. And have less time to attend to the body needs to achieve youthful skin.

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Starting at the age of  thirty years,  the human  body  either  lost most of these natural  moderators or all of them.  This is  why from  30 years of age, the body begins  the process of  gradual ageing. 

However, this  becomes  noticeable  from  age of thirty five. While  in many  individuals  it  may take up to the age  of fourty five before becoming noticeable. 

Meanwhile,   the  small  percentage of people   that maintain their  skin may slow their ageing process till sixty years of age and more.

I will  show  you in this  article what you  have been neglecting that brings about

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➡ your premature ageing. 

➡ the attitude that accounts  for the high lost of skin  elasticity and bone flexibility.

➡ high lost of  eye radiance  and general  body  malfunction  including  diseased  body.

The following  are our natural  body protectors that  deminishes with age leaving  an indelible  negative  mark on the  body  in general  and the  skin  in particular. 

Fortunately,  using these natural  moderators  can reverse the effects  irrespective of age and gender.


Vitamin A is stored in the  body fat  which  can build up to a dangerous level. However, Beta carotene  or provitamin A is one of the  good  friends  of the body.  Whatever  the body  does not  need, Provitamin A  flushes  it out.

When  taken  in the, required  daily quantity, 25, 000 IU,  the body  kicks back to vitality.


These include carrot, papaya  etc.  One can  also get it directly from  pharmacy.


This not only prevent scurvy  but also  scavenges free radicals inside the cells.

It is  also found  in the eye lens.  In the eye lens, it counteracts the oxidants formed by the  action of light on the  proteins that  make up the lens. A process that leads to  cataract.

However,  this vitamin A declines with age and needs to be refilled as one ages.
500Iu daily  intake does the  magic.


Juice of Orange, papaya, grapefruit, guava, kiwi, all citrus  or direct purchase of C vitamins from the pharmacy.


This  is another  skin friendly  natural antioxidant.  It traps  nitrites , (a by-product of  smoke), preventing  them from becoming cancerous  nitrosamines.

Also, it   strengthens the cell walls. Vitamin E is an effective  skin and body preserver. Above all, vitamin E is responsible for the radiance of the skin. And eliminates stretch marks.

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200Iu daily  is all the body needs. -alpha  tocopherol is the only  active form of this vitamin.


It is found in whole  grain, vegetable oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, almonds, raw wheat germ, palm oil, etc or over the  counter  purchase.


Glutathione is an enzyme made up of three amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins.

This wonderful enzymes  prevents all the  above  vitamin from  becoming  free radicals by donating it’s electron to them. Moreover, this makes  them  go back to their  normal  work of protecting the body.

By donating it’s electron, Glutathione becomes a free radical. Then, it is attracted to a special enzyme that rescues it ( Rescue Enzymes ). And glutathione becomes helpful again.

Above all, Glutathione is a powerful cancer fighter and one of the most helpful friends the body has.

Glutathione also removes free radicals in the lens and retina of the eye. This prevents both cataract and macular degeneration.


This include fresh red, green, and yellow vegetables and smaller amount is found in poultry meat. 

No specific daily requirement has been established but some researchers estimate at least 250 milligrams per day. This amount can be gotten by eaten five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.


Not everyone has heard of this mineral. Or know the importance of this mineral.

Selenium is about one of the most important mineral the human body needs.

The body must  have  this mineral  to create glutathione. It is also  an antioxidant. Besides, it is an anticancer agent. 50 to 70 micrograms is required  daily.


These include  edible  mushroom, garlic  radishes etc. You can puchase selenium directly  from the pharmacy.


Just like the zinc use in roofing houses, this mineral is needed to form the roof of the body and other interguments. This means that the hair is made up of zinc. Likewise the nails

Nevertheless, the   body  needs  zinc  to make  varieties of antioxidant enzymes which account for youthful skin.  50 miligrams a day does the magic. Taking supplements containing more than this can damage the immune system.


Seafood  like  oyster, liver, beef , egg, nuts, cheese, whole grains, legumes etc  are good  natural sources and it is also purchased in the pharmacy.


This is the most important mineral one needs to stay young. And the most abundant mineral in the body for a good reason.

It is essential for blood clothing, never and muscle functions. Including the nerves and muscles of the heart. Calcium transforms food to energy and regulating blood pressure. It is responsible for healthy bones.


Non fat yogurt, reduced fat cheese, non fat milk, sardines, blackstraps, molasses, almond, cabbage, collard greens, beet greens, spinach, broccoli,

It can also be bought over the counter in pharmacy shops.


2000 milligrams total dietary calcium daily is appropriate.


Regular exercise is another important factor in slowing ageing. One should bear this slogan in mind “What you eat determines your weight and what you do at gym determines your shape.

Therefore, one should bear in mind that regular exercise puts the body into the required youthful posture.

So before  you start  blaming  your age for  a wrinkled and ill  looking skin engulfed with stretch Mark, try the above.

If this  is beneficial to you ,  share to help  others.

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