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“They started with infiltrating a peaceful protest with things but that did not work. Then they moved to bring the military in. So, the same government that says that it has banned SARS for close to four years are saying that it wants to have a dialogue. “The President has not even addressed the incident that happened at the toll gate, so I do not take his words to heart. They must show accountability. “With no due respect, I actually challenge the governor of Lagos State to just say the truth. They know the truth and they have conflicting stories with each other. Nigerians have died and this is not a time to play games. “Families are looking for their loved ones. To be honest with you in regards to me, I do not know how to feel because on one hand, I am grateful that I am alive today but on the other hand I don’t know if to say I am lucky because it seems that the others were not lucky. “The governor owes a responsibility to the citizens of Lagos State to say the truth. “What I experienced that day was the worst experience of my life. The Nigerian Army that is supposed to protect us came with no warning; none.

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This may be the toughest night of our lives as forces beyond our direct control have moved to make notes in our history. But we will face it. As a father and Governor, I watched in anguish the unacceptable event that occurred last night at the Lekki tollgate". "The decision to impose curfew was borne out of concern for innocent protesters and the entire citizenry of our dear state. It will be foolhardy for a leader to try to protect his citizens and still turn around to put their lives at risk. However, this is not the time to trade blames. We will take it in our stride and move. I paid a visit to all the victims of the unfortunate shooting incident at the various hospitals where they are being urgently attended to. There are currently 10 patients at the General Hospital in Lagos Island, 11 at Reddington hospital and 4 at Vedic hospital with mild to moderate levels of injuries, while 2 are receiving intensive medical care. And 3 patients have been discharged.  I implored the attending doctors to give them the best care, while we cover all their medical bills. We are working with the Federal Govt to harmonize and stabilize all security operations while prioritizing the lives of the residents we swore to protect and serve.

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