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See The Five Years Old Child That Became World Youngest Mother (Video)

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The date was 14th day of May. The year was 1939. The place was Lima, the capital of Peru, South America. A baby of five years, Lina Medina became the world youngest mother after giving birth to a baby boy.

World Youngest Mother, Lina Medina of Peru and her baby Gerardo

Lina became popular and was henceforth, addressed as Lina Medina of Peru – The youngest girl in history to have ever given birth. Up till today, Lina Medina of Peru- has remained the world’s youngest mother.⠀

At the time of delivery, she was 5 years, 7 months, and 17 days old.⠀

Watch this video.

Video of Lina Medina, the world youngest mother
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The delivery took place on May 14th, 1939 in Lima, the capital city of Peru. The gynecologist that delivered Lina’s baby was Dr. Gerardo Lozada. Dr. Lozada had to perform a careful Caesarian section on Lina since her pelvic was underdeveloped for normal birth.⠀

Lina Medina was delivered of a baby boy who weighed 2.7 kilograms. The baby was named Gerardo after Dr. Gerardo Lozada who carefully delivered him and made sure Lina’s life was saved. And she became the world youngest mother till date.

World Youngest Mother Lina Medina and her baby Gerardo and Dr. Gerardo Lozada who delivered Lina of her baby.

Nevertheless, Lina’s baby, Gerardo was raised believing that Medina was his sister, but he found out at the age of 10 that she was not his sister but his mother. This traumatized the boy for a very long time. 

Lina Medina never revealed the identity of her baby’s father nor the circumstances of her pregnancy. Escomel suggests that she might not know herself as she “could not give precise responses”.

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But it was suspected that it might be one of Medina’s brothers who has been mentally derailed.

Lina was raised with her son Gerardo as a sibling. Gerardo died at the age of 40 as a result of bone marrow disease

Although, Lina’s father was arrested on suspicion of child abuse but released due to lack of evidence. Her son grew up healthy. He died in 1979 aged 40 from bone marrow disease.

Medina’s father had noticed that the stomach of his daughter was increasing rapidly, he initially thought it was a course by the evil spirit. He took Lina to native doctors called Shamans.

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When Lina was not improving, he was advised to take her to Dr. Gerardo to evaluate her for tumors and possible surgery.

Lina at 5 with son. Lina at 87

She was brought to a hospital in Lima Peru by her mother due to increasing abdominal size. She thought her daughter had a tumur but Dr. Gerardo confirmed she was 7month pregnant. And within weeks, Lina was delivered of a handsome healthy baby boy weighing 2.7kg at birth.

According to medical information, Lina had a condition called precocious puberty. It was confirmed that Lina started mensuration at the age of eight months and reached full puberty at the age of three years.

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Lina Medina is still alive and can not even give account or recollect any thing that happened when she was five years.

The recent picture of Lina Medina

She is still at loss how or when she has her baby and prefers not discussing it anywhere.

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