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Unite Me With My People – Rich Man Cries Out

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A Ghanaian base rich man who gave his name as Gordon Chimsom has taken to social media to trsce his origin.

According to the rich man, he has been in Ghana for many years but cannot afford to loose his origin.

With the post captioned “I Lost My Igbo Identity” Gordon begged people who can identify his village and father to link him with the father.

Below is his post:

“Good morning everyone, please help me to share this widely, perhaps God may use this to reconnect me to my Igbo root”.

“My name is Gordon Chimson; I am an Igbo man, born and bred in Ghana. I am now a full grown man, with wife and children. Though, God has blessed me with many things but I am yet to see myself as a successful man, my main goal is to trace my Igbo root, unite and rehabitate with my kinsmen—that will be my greatest achievement in life”.

Watch this video.

“My father’s name is NDA OKOROJI, from Aba-ngwa Abia state. He married a Ghanaian woman (my mother) and resided in Ghana (Efiakuma, Takoradi. Western part of Ghana—where I was born.)”

“My father died when I was a year and 6months old while my mother died when I was 2yrs old, leaving me under the care of my uneducated grandmother–who could not provide me with detail informations on how to trace my family in the Igbo land”.

“According to the story, my father was brought to Ghana by his uncle but left Ghana during the Aliens compliancee Order in 1969 after all his efforts to take us to Nigeria failed as it was not permitted by Ghanaians”.

“Whenever I remembered about my lost of Igbo identity, I became downcasted, depressed and unhappy, it gives me sleepless nights, making me to feel lonely, forlorn, , rejected and dejected. I wish God will use someone from this group, to help me unite with my kinsmen in the Igbo land”.

“Thank you all, as I await your comments; advice and suggestions on what to do, to reunite with my kinsmen”. He concluded.

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