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This speech was made by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and compiled by MAZI IKECHUKWU ONUOHA

The vultures are gathering, and we are beginning to identify them, and we are dealing with them.

Goodevening Great Biafrans, wonderful people, beautiful people, this is Radio Biafra Live, and humanity are listening.
Radio Biafra is where we@




How world-richest-25-became-richer-during-covid-pandemic/

  • An opening prayer by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Nwachineke.
  • This evening as it has now become customary to us, we are going to lay basic foundation before we go into an indepht analysis.
  • Here we preach, here we lecture, here we tutor. Whenever I sat behind this microphone I speak as the almighty gives me utterances
  • The ZOO is using Abacha loot to continuously attack us using Facebook . They want to suppress the audience, the want to give the impression that the world is not listening. And the only way they can accomplish that is if we allow them, and that we have sworn we will not.
Olise Metu being led by prison officials to court
  • Someone wrote something compelling on my facebook wall, and tonight I will anchor my preaching around this timeless words of BOB MARLY.
  • Pay very close attention please, becouse in the western world when they make someone a saint, it means you have done something someone has never done. It means you have slain three deadly dragon that no one cannot see.
  • This evening having regard to what Bob Marly said about a black man, and our ignorance. People think that having a PhD makes you an intellectual, but it only makes you to know how to read and write in English language.

  • In far away Borno, 69 people were killed and also in Katsina, 50 more were killed, and yet their so called Presidency without a president, is telling the world that IPOB is telling lies against the ZOO called Nigeria.
  • I want to let you know how all these things ties to the death of George Floyd in America . Black people are lazy, not lazy in terms of lifting a cement bag, but rather how we process information.
  • I posted an educative video on Facebook and Facebook blocked it, but if it were ponography they will allow it. And these are Yorubas working for Facebook.
  • There are people who feel that if not controlled, the population of Nigeria may spill over, therefore, there is a need to keep quiet and watch Nigerians die. If HIV did not kill them, Coronavirus, or Terrorist attacks will.
  • I twitted about the ten Christian’s that were beheaded by isis this morning, and later this evening secretary of state Mike Pompeo also made similar statement .
  • Mazi Nnamdi Kanu further stated:

  • As you go around screaming “I cant breath, “dont forget that the man who made all these killings in nigeria possible is a black man Obama.
  • Trump that you are calling a racist is the same man that is speaking up against your killings.
  • Obama brought Buhari into power, and I am going to prove it to you .
  • People said that I am a bigot, that I dont love the Fulani and that is not true. What I dont like is the backwardness and primitive nature of the Fulani.
  • This is what the Fulani do, and know how to do best, NEPOTISM !!!!
  • Do you know that there is a mineral research portfolio a Fulani man is in charge of, now let me ask you. Have you ever heard of a Fulani scientist before? I know the answer is NO.. now tell me what a Fulani man is doing in a research portfolio.
    MAKING KILISHI-SUYA. Fulani ala’m na iyi..
  • No secession, no division, we are going to die here says a Fulani.
  • The racism against a black man is because of the backwardness of a black man. How can you be racist towards a Japanese, a Chinese, a Korean, they will simply go back home.
  • You earn respect , why wont they kill you in America and China. As you are protesting against the death of George Floyd, that same day 100 people were killed in Nigeria and you did nothing, no protest.
  • Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has not come tonight to make everybody feel good, I have come to preach what Elohim asked me to preach, before we can get our freedom.
  • When Buratai says or his ghost says , oh! We are fighting them in Borno, the question is, which one are you fighting among the whole seven other terrorist groups coming from one people, Fulani.
  • I want to prove to the whole world that black people are the reason why George Floyd was killed, because of your idiocy. That is why IPOB is undefeatable, because we started from the bottom realizing that ignorance is a disease that must be cured.
  • It takes people who are reasonable to understand that those who are financing Bokoharam should not be voted into power.
  • I was on my own, and a white man came and changed me from what I, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu use to be, stole something from me, change my identity, and I am trying to take what belongs to me back, and you are calling me a racist, because your protecting what your God a white man created.
  • How can I be seceeding from myself? I am telling Shehu Sani and his likes that they are not educated enough to challenge IPOB.
  • I am asking you, if you belive in one Nigeria as created by a white man, so why did you asked the white man to go? Because you knew that Nigeria was illegal.
  • A black man problem is self propagated ignorance, and that is the country created by a white man.
  • Fulanis are lazy, they only depend on Biafran OIL, I challenge you Fulani to go and create your own nation if you are not lazy. This is what racist in Britain is enjoying. That is why they are taking our oil without paying.
  • If you are a white man anywhere and in any level in the world and you support the way Nigeria is, YOU ARE A RACIST!!!
  • Who stopped Biafra, they are racist, because the know that once Biafra stands Africa will stand.
  • Anybody who calls me a secessionist is a racist.
  • I want to prove it to everybody, and demonstrate how fulani plans to take over nigeria and make it a home for FULANIS all over Africa.
  • All the African countries I call them an independent countries of europe, they are not independent.
  • A white person have conscience and black people we dont , we are evil. Can you imagine white people far away in Bristol bringing down the statue of one of them , whom they thought is racist. Can you see the difference between you and them.
  • Am asking Senator Sani, why do you want to keep Nigeria as one ? Do you relate to me? In what way? We have inreconsilable value system.
  • You joined to protest against the killing in america. Who is protesting for the 50 killed in Kastina? Who is protesting for the 69 killed in Borono.
  • I, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t care what anybody says, Nigeria is not viable , is a racist construct.
  • If Nigeria break what will happen? Will the world stop? Bob Marly said, if you detonate every atomic bomb on the world it can not stop the time created by God.
  • Do you know that Clinton was a beneficiary of the slave money from Rhodes the slave master , because he studied at Oxford.
    Anyi gugidere akwukwo the white man came and switch of the light of the library and ask us to leave.
  • Do you know that when Biafra comes , I will build electricity using the river by my village, are you aware of that .
  • How many of you know that the Pharaoh of the 24th and 25th dynasty of Egypt came from Sudan, and it was very successful.
  • That is why, anybody who have tried to make black people to reason, we always kill the person, but they will never kill me, and they know it.
  • That was why they killed Martin Luther King
  • That was why the CIA killed Walter Rodney, they pumped 30 bullets into him because he wrote a treaty, on how white people under-devolped Africa.
  • The problem of a black man is a black man, and it is not in his legs or arms but his brain.
  • They killed Patrice Lumumba, the killed Steven Biko, they killed Murtala Muhammad, and it was engineered by Gowon, that is jumping up and down praying. He changed the names of BP to AP, and the Bririah Mi5 killed him using Dimka.
  • Have you listened to Steve Biko? Thomas Sankara, Martin Luther King, am telling you, these are the black man you should listen to.
  • Bob Marly is the most intelligent man that ever walked the face of the earth. He was a philosopher. Bob Marly knew that if he write books, a black man will never listen, then he started writing songs.
  • They always use a black man to destroy another black man, that is the white racist supremacy style, so it didnt start today.
  • The greatest racist act in the world is the creation of states in Africa and Africa dont know that.
  • What could be racist than naming a country after a river by obliterating a peoples history.
  • Eze , which in Hebrew Ezzar, meaning a leader, we never had a king.
  • The Britain appointed kings, we never used to have a king, the kings you have were all slave merchant created to mange slave trades for the British.
  • For you to be a human being, you must observe treaties and laws.
  • I, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, want to prove tonight the debt of the STUPIDITY of a black man.
  • Rwanda 150,000 killed , Dafoe, 80,000 and Biafra five million , if you talk about it, you will be killed.
  • Now, I want Aisha and some of you that Coronavirus has not yet killed in Aso Rock to listen. Now I want you to know what I am going to do to you, if you dont release Olisa Metu in the next 12 days.
  • Jonathan was toppled by a black man Barack Obama. And what he was doing was to protect the white supremacy. Gowon was in it too by killing Murtala Muhammad, today he is a prayer warrior.
  • I want blacks to understand this, all over the world. A white man is not your problem, your problem is your STUPIDITY, and your treachery.
  • Jonathan, after barely 16 days in office, Bokoharam was unleashed. The plan to remove him started .
  • I am making this known so that when I go to U.S Obama can sue me. Obama is a murderer and a jihadist and am going to prove it to you.
  • Bokoharam was killing, and who was helping them, Obama, and who reported it, VOA.
  • Knowing all these things and knowing that Buhari was in bed with Bokoharam, Yoruba voted for him, Yoruba why ? Because you are an enemy of fairness.
  • That’s why they are for TINUBU, instead of the president to go for the Igbo TINUBU Yoruba will take it , he is a muslim Yoruba.
  • Jonathan tried, called Obama for help, Obama declined.
  • I, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu know that Jonathan is listening, and his lovely wife. That’s why anyone going after her will be shredded, look at what is going on now.
  • Obama wanted Jonathan out, so that the Jihadists will take over. That’s why all the killings that is going on today in Nigeria is from Obama the Jihadist.
  • When Jonathan went to Israel, he was told by Mosad to go and speak to IBB and asked for permission. That’s how IBB recommended to Jonathan to appoint Dasuki as his security adviser.
  • That is why am warning Aisha, that I will deal with you, if you dont release Olisa Metu.
  • Dasuki told Jonathan, for me to work for you, there must be no protocol with me. And you must give me access to the Central bank to take as much money I want. And that is why they appointed Sanusi as the central bank governor.
  • I am finishing Nigeria tonight, after tonight Nigeria is gone. Ha alago nmuo.
  • All the northanger governors wanted Jonathan to leave office before the next round of negotiations of the oil deal.
  • Dasuki that gave money to Olisa Metu is not in prison, but Olisa Metu is in prison. and you want me to remain in such a country.
Thomas Sankara, Nelson Mandela,Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali, Marcus Garvey, Murmar Gaddafi, Kwame Nkrumah, Ali, Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba,Bob Nestor MARLEY.

  • The appointment of Sanusi gave Babaginda access to the central bank and they stole it dry, that man on a wheel chair, even on a wheel Chair Babangida is still stealing .
  • That’s why they are holding Olisa Metu because he is an igbo man and they know that no one will fight for him, and that’s why we are here to fight for him because it is the right thing to do.
  • Because of that failure of of Obama, that is why Christians are being killed today.
  • Anytime there is killing in the north, the mames that must come to mind are : Obama, Sanusi, Dasuki, Babangida, the northern Governors and the dead Buhari.
  • We are live and we are direct and the whole world is listening .
  • How is it possible that the Fulani are controlling you, or is it because after 30 years of research they were able to discover how to make kilishi suya.
  • The revolution IPOB is fighting for is for everybody to be free.
  • If all the tribes in the north are to rule Nigeria in terms of rotation government it will take 300 years for everyone to take a turn. Have you seen what a white man has done to you.
Almajeris in northern Nigeria


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