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The Chicago police has arrested  3 Nigerian men with fake documents, $53k cash, stolen Maserati Suv said to have been stolen on January 23rd 2018.

 The suspects identified as Mayowa Balogun, Danteni Tijani and Dolapo Badmus, have been released after facing relatively minor charges.The suspects, Mayowa Balogun, Danteni Tijani and Dolapo Badmus.According to the reports, counterfeit passports, drivers’ licenses, and $53, 000 cash, were recovered from the suspects.

The suspects identified as Mayowa Balogun, Danteni Tijani and Dolapo Badmus, have been released after facing relatively minor charges, NBC Chicago reports.

The Maserati SUV, when run through the system was reportedly stolen out of Ohio.

The police alleged that the trio were carrying counterfeit passports and driver’s licenses, mostly from Great Britain.

According to the investigators, nearly $40,000 was found in the car’s glove compartment and over $13,000 in a coat somewhere in the car.


Balogun and Badmus were reportedly charged with possession of altered documents, a class four  felony which allowed them to receive I-bonds, allowing them to regain their freedom almost immediately.

As for the driver, Tijani, he initially faced an additional charge of possession of a stolen motor vehicle but that charge was later dropped.

When Tijani appeared before Judge William Raines, last week, his bond was set at $100,000 and was ordered to be placed on electronic monitoring if he managed to post the stated amount.

Tijiani did just that with the help of a friend barely one hour after. The trio are scheduled to appear in court again later this month.

In a  related event , another two Nigerians had been nabbed with five hundred thousand dollars worth of stolen goods in Atlanta Georginia.

The three people, two of which are Nigerians, have been arrested for helping to receive $500, 000 worth of goods.

Gwinnett County sheriff deputies said they found stolen microscopes, medical equipment and electronics in a Snellville warehouse in Atlanta.

The suspects identified as Gregory Bland, 55; Temitayo David, 55; and Toyosi Ogunleye, 43, have reportedly been charged with by receiving.

Gregory Bland, 55; Temitayo David, 55; and Toyosi Ogunleye, 43
The suspects identified as Gregory Bland, 55; TemitayoDavid, 55; and Toyosi Ogunleye, 43

Instablog9ja reports that the deputies began investigating the case after a California company was defrauded of an order of 40 microscopes totalling $11,555.20 that was shipped to the warehouse on Eastgate Place in Snellville.

According to the reports, the order seemed to have come from an existing customer, but investigators later discovered that the microscope company had been a victim of a business email compromise scheme, which is a type of phishing scam.

Investigators reportedly stormed the warehouse on February 23 and encountered Bland, who said he was allowed to live at the building in exchange for accepting packages for the owner, David.

A statement released by the Sheriff’s office revealed that during a search, investigators found the microscopes and other stolen items, including medical equipment and construction equipment.

All three suspects were arrested at the warehouse and David is being held without bail at the Gwinnett County Detention Center while Bland and Ogunleye have been released on $11,200 bail.

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