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It has become a general belief that witches and unseen forces turn into several things to crash an aeroplane.it is believed that the “witches “mostly turn into  birds to achieve this mayhem.

The recent case of “witches” attack on a flight to London has put many especially non Biologist in a state of  confusion leading to unguided statements and superstitious belief.

Today, www.reportngr.com  is on the mission to bring this belief into clarification and justified approach.

Biologically, birds are known as flying arboreal  inhabitants meaning that they are seen mostly above  the land especially in flying state. Their territory remains the same environment.

All animal including birds are known to possess the ability and characteristics  of protecting  its territory. This is true of a situation where by some individuals regard as “witches” attack on aeroplanes.

Many species of birds especially the swine migrate often from an unfavourable environment to a favourable environment.  In the cause of migration, any ‘foreign body’ encountered on their way is seen as an enemy. These birds are always gregarious and move in their large  number. While the late migratory ones may move in twos or more. Whether they mobe in large numbers or few numbers, their activities are the  same.

Most times, these birds that maintain  very high altitude in flight encounter other birds of different species like eagles, griffon vultures, eaglets etc. They always see such as intruders and must carry out a deadly attack on  the indruder. This is exactly what happens when migratory birds encounter aeroplane on their way. 

Aeroplane always fly high altitude to gain balance and easy movement.  This altitude always coincide with that of these migratory birds. According to late Professor S.Odoemenam of Biology Department University of Uyo Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, “the migratory birds see this aeroplane as an immediate enemy and imposing danger and must fight the enemy whom they see as a threat to their existence “. Odoemenam maintained that in the cause of protecting themselves and their teritory, these birds attack the aeroplane from all angles.

This leads to majority of the birds being killed by the blade of the aeroplane wing while a good number accidentally enter into any opening seen on the aeroplane. Some enter the exhaust system while many  eventually land in the  engine which normally bring the aeroplane to a halt or crash.

The above situation is referred to as “BIRD STRIKE “.

Bird strike has been the worst nightmare pilots face each time such situation is  encountered. This has led to lost of many lives and aircrafts. It is a common sight to see  birds in aeroplane engines and exhaust pipes each time  an aeroplane lands in the airport.

This is the situation that was witnessed recently in the flight en route London. There has never been anything like witch and wizards attack on aeroplanes in form of  birds.  It is BIRD STRIKE .

However , the remedy for Bird strike lies among the manufacturers of aeroplane who might add some features to ward out these birds.


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