Killer of Jesus Christ
Killer of Jesus in police custody


Killer of Jesus Christ
Killer of Jesus in police custody

According to police spokesman Jacob Levine,  Caius Longinus  stated thus  ” I am the main   killer of Jesus Christ.  That the weapon  I  carried is  the “Holy Lance” that pierced  Christ in his side during the Crucifixion. Above all, i am  a Roman soldier who killed Jesus Christ. I killed him because he  was an enemy of Rome. I realized too late that Christ is the  Messiah”

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The man also claimed that God tormented and tortured him for almost 2000 years.  This was done to punish him for his crime as killer or Jesus Christ. “I suffered centuries of divine punishment. I have been killed and resurrected thousands of times. I turned myself in to police because that is the only way God said he would free me from punishment. My crime is that I am the killer of Jesus  Christ”. He said.



The Jerusalem District Police believes the man might suffer from schizophrenia or similar mental issue.  The district police  are asking the public for help in identifying him. He measures    1m74  and weights 64 kilograms. He has  brown hair and brown eyes and speaks Latin perfectly. He also has the letters “SPQR” tattoed on his left arm.

Chief of police Roni Alsheich  said that the  man was not filled in any Israeli mental institutions. Besides, he might be a foreigner.


          According to experts, it is not uncommon for schizophrenic individuals to have delusions.  They often feel  they are important historical or religious figures like Napoleon, Jesus or George Washington. However, patients suffering from this phenomenon called Grandiose delusion, rarely identify themselves with characters of secondary importance, making this case  unique.

Longinus is a Biblical  figure in Christianity. He was  described in Christian tradition as the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus in his side with a lance. He used  the “Holy Lance” and pierced Jesus Christ  during the Crucifixion.

His name isn’t clearly stated in the Bible. Moreover,  the different Christian traditions have developed several stories around him.  He is traditionally venerated as a saint. He was also   martyr by the Roman Catholic Church,  Eastern Orthodox Church,  and several other Christian communions, even  though  very little is known about him.

Source :worldnewsdailyreport.com


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